Richard Green (richgreen01) wrote,
Richard Green

Defenders of Midgard Out Now for 4th Edition #dnd

The finished version of Defenders of Midgard, designed by Brian Liberge, me and Paul Baalham with contributions from John Pope (Daily Encounter) and Phil Wheeler is out now at for just $4.99 (£3.09). The full colour book contains seven new Midgard themes including the Clockwork Mage (written by me), the Midgard Elementalist and the Pantheist Priest, as well as new backgrounds, schools of magic and gear.


Together with the Midgard Bestiary for 4th Edition and the Midgard Campaign Setting, 4e players now have all they need to game in the fantastic world of Midgard. Two great 4e adventures, Courts of the Shadow Fey and Lost City, are also available. Wizards of the Coast might not be releasing 4e material anymore but Kobold Press is!

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