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Here's what happened in last night's game:

28th Marpenoth (contd)
Head south-east and use dimension door to cross the wall of green slime blocking the way to the Black Manor. Karim, invisible, uses levitate to scout the manor, looking in all the windows. Realising there are a lot of foes inside, they head a mile away where Lyman casts Leomund’s Secure Shelter. Rest.

29th Marpenoth
With everyone invisible and buff spells cast, the PCs dimension door into an empty corridor inside the Black Manor. Enter Verd’s disgusting chamber; battle and kill the ooze mephit. Lyman finds the second piece of the staff of shards in the muck. Karim opens the door to the Pactlord Meeting Hall. Attacked by the behir which breathes on Alessandra. Lyman casts disentegrate, it rolls a 1 on its save and dies. The ogre guards arrive but are killed by Alessandra’s holy smite and a fireball before they can do anything. Karim attacks Yuinthu the mind flayer, is stunned by its mind blast but Alessandra casts panacea, bringing him round. He kills the illithid before it can escape yet again. Search the rest of the manor, plundering what treasure there is before casting plane shift and word of recall to return to Zazesspur. There is no sign of the yuan-ti abomination that Karim spotted through the windows.

Back in Zaz, visit Ishara Jare and listen to her findings on blade magic, swordsages and the Harad Devin temple. A retired swordsage named Harran Turiyehsor lives in the Starspire Mountains and teaches students blade magic.

In the evening, study the papers found in the Black Manor: the Pactlords are looking for the Black Grail in the Banewarrens, and they have a plan to ambush the PCs by disguising themselves as wounded adventurers.

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