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If I Ruled The Multiverse – a look back at the #5eplanes blog carnival

About a month ago, a number of us chatted on Twitter about the D&D cosmology and where it might go with D&D Next. If the Great Wheel returns (as it looks like it will), does that mean that the Feywild disappears? What about Hestavar, the Elemental Chaos and the Domains of Dread? This looked like a fun subject for a blog carnival, so the “If I Ruled The Multiverse” blog carnival was born, in which various D&D bloggers, wrote about what they would do if Mike Mearls gave them the job of coming up with the D&D Next cosmology.


The carnival has been running for the last two weeks, and ended yesterday, so I thought it would be a good idea to list all the cool posts in one place.

Mordicai Knode’s post on includes the Parallel Planes of Faerie, Shadow and Ginnungagap, a Spelljammer-influenced Prime Material Plane and Outer Planes featuring Pathfinder’s Four Horsemen and chaotic good guardinals.

Robin Stacey (@greywulf) argues that the nature of Mythological Multiverses varies depending on who you ask. To a halfling, the planes are hunks of meat and veg floating in the gods’ own stew.

Rafael Romo (@rrockman) wrote a whole series of interesting posts on the World of Cthon, in which the ancient planes of the First Age, including the Abyss and the Far Realm, are buried deep beneath the earth. Check out his summary post here.

Midgard Bestiary co-author Brian Liberge takes a toolkit approach in his post on Stuffer Shack, covering demi-planes, the Phlogiston and the Elemental Plane of Wheat.

Bill Olander’s post Sailing the Starry Sea pays homage to Spelljammer and 4e’s Astral Sea, adding a swirling Maelstrom and reimagining the other planes as planets.

Gonzalo Campoverde takes inspiration from both Eberron and Magic the Gathering’s Dominaria in his post.

Finally, my own post, keeps the things I like from 4e and incorporates them into a slimmed down Planescape-inspired multiverse with Sigil back on its Spire in the centre.

EDIT: I got a last minute post from Teos Abadia this morning on the cosmology of Athas.


Thanks to everyone who took part, and to Symatt for the awesome logo and the picture in this post! There are some very interesting and fun ideas here – I hope Mike and the WotC crew have a read! Judging by James Wyatt’s recent Wandering Monsters columns, the D&D planes and their inhabitants are still a hot topic of conversation.

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