Richard Green (richgreen01) wrote,
Richard Green

Dragonmeet 2012

I've just spent a very enjoyable morning at Dragonmeet, browsing the various trade stands, including an amazing stand selling older D&D material, Chessex, Pelgrane Press and others, and chatting to other gamers. Unfortunately today Palace play Brighton so I had to rush off to get to the match and didn't have time to play any games. If it were any other team, I would gave stayed at the con.

As well as buying some cool stuff, I also went to a very interesting and fun seminar with Ian Livingstone & Steve Jackson. Rather scarily, Warlock of Firetop Mountain (which I bought at Games Day in 1982) is 30 years old this year. There were lots of good stories but my favourite was how their order for 6 copies of the original D&D boxed set was enough to get Games Workshop 3 years of exclusive distribution rights for in Europe!

The Great Hall at Dragonmeet:

Ian & Steve now:

Ian & Steve then:

The original Games Workshop in Dalling Road, Hammersmith:

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