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Goodbye Kobold Quarterly

Last night I read the sad news from Wolfgang Baur that Kobold Quarterly magazine was folding after five and a half years and 23 issues.

I have been with Kobold Quarterly from the beginning and have every issue, some in PDF, some in print, a few in both. I remember as an Open Design patron on Empire of the Ghouls voting in a poll on which  little cartoon kobold I liked best – the winning design became Jiro, the kobold on the cover of issue #1. After Dragon and Dungeon stopped being proper magazines, KQ filled that gap – an entertaining quarterly read with great articles on a wide variety of subjects, fantastic art and interesting ads from all sorts of small press publishers. It had letters and an “Ask the Kobold” page, a game mastering column by Monte Cook and, one of my favourite bits – the regular interviews with famous game designers.

Kobold Quarterly managed to steer a course through the difficult waters of the Edition Warz, publishing excellent articles for d20/3.x, 4e, Pathfinder, AGE and 13th Age. Pathfinder was clearly the more popular system, but that was OK – many articles were usable in two systems or easily converted because, guess what, it’s all D&D. And, as well as publishing articles by established figures like Rob Heinsoo and Ed Greenwood, a lot of up and coming freelance designers got their first article published in the magazine.

KQ felt like a return to the “good old days of White Dwarf” that British gamers in our 40s will remember, and to when Dragon was a monthly print magazine. It’s a shame it’s gone and I’m really going to miss it. The silver lining, though, is that Wolfgang, Shelly and Kobold Press will continue to publish adventures and sourcebooks for Midgard and I know these will be great.
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