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Richard Green

If I Ruled The Multiverse - a #dndnext blog carnival

I've been chatting on Twitter today with @Tim_Eagon, @TriskalJM and @rrockman about the D&D cosmology and where it might go with #dndnext. If WotC go back to the Great Wheel, what happens to the cool stuff from the 4e iteration of the planes like the Shadowfell, Feywild and the Astral Sea? Do we really have to have the Ethereal Plane back again? Should demons go back to being fiends or do they carry on as elementals? What about Concordant Opposition and the primordials? In or out?

Trying to discuss all this in 140 characters is tricky so we thought a series of blog posts might be appropriate. If you want to join in, please do. Imagine Mike Mearls has given you the job of coming up with the #dndnext cosmology. What would you keep from prior editions and what would you bin?

The carnival will run from 1st to 15th December. Post on your own blog or I can host here if you are blog-less – just let me know via the comments if you are interested in taking part. Now to see if @symatt can come up with a funky logo.....

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