Richard Green (richgreen01) wrote,
Richard Green

Midgard Campaign Setting in Print

My patron copy of the Midgard Campaign Setting arrived today in the post. It's signed by both Wolfgang Baur and TSR legend Jeff Grubb (creator of some of my favourite D&D campaign settings) and looks even more gorgeous in print than the PDF did!

I thoroughly recommend this to anyone looking for a D&D campaign setting, whatever edition of the game you are playing as over 81% of the page count is mechanics-free setting material.

Zobeck, the Ironcrags, the River Court and the Courts of the Shadow Fey have all appeared in the 4e Parsantium campaign and I'm looking forward to using a lot more of the material in this book in the future.

You can read more in the io9 article here. and also download a free preview from the KQ website.

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