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Midgard Campaign Setting: First Impressions

I got a nice surprise in my email this morning - a download link to my patron copy of the Midgard Campaign Setting from Open Design (or Kobold Press as it is now known).

This book has been nearly two years in the making – I think I signed up as a patron in January 2010 – and as an Open Design patron, I have had access to various drafts of the manuscript throughout the process, as well as the opportunity to suggest ideas through the forums on the Kobold Quarterly website. This means I am pretty familiar with the content, having thread through various iterations of the material several times while working on the 4e Bestiary, so I know it's excellent stuff, full of imaginative ideas from Wolfgang Baur and the other chapter authors (including Jeff Grubb!).  The forums also offer an opportunity to make little contributions to some of the cities and other locations covered in the book and I'm delighted to see a few of mine have made it in to the finished book: g0gmag0g will enjoy seeing Hrothgar's Marauders in the Crossroads chapter!

Now that I have the PDF, I can honestly say I think this is one of the best-looking campaign setting books I have ever seen. As well as being very well laid out, there are some beautiful maps from ace cartographer Jonathan Roberts and great-looking art, including loads from Artesia creator Mark Symlie.  I cannot wait for the print version, hopefully coming later this week!

Congratulations to Wolfgang and everyone involved!

SMYLIE_Amazon_Perun  Midgard-Germans-Nymph+Knight-c2
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