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Midgard Bestiary Update

This morning, the Midgard Bestiary has gone over $7,000 and has 160 backers which is great news!

My second design diary is up on the Kobold Quarterly front page, in which I write about monster groups and the Mages of Allain, arcane spellcasters mutated by the Wasted West. I had a lot of fun inflicting these guys on the Juma Gang and the Luminous Heroes of the Ironcrags, and I am sure other DMs will too.

At the weekend I finished proofreading the rough galleys after Brian had done his edits. All my changes are safely with the editor, Chris Bodan, and the typesetter, Anne Trent, after some angst over getting my versions uploaded to Dropbox (!), and on Sunday night, Brian and I recorded an interview for the Going Last podcast which goes out on Thursday this week. Hopefully Ian and Justin will be able to edit out the ums and erms....

It's all looking good and we've got five days to go so there is still time left to back the project!

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