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Here's what happened in Monday night's game in which we finished Courts of the Shadow Fey. Each PC gets 2,866 xp and 5,000 gp in treasure.

27th December (contd.)

The PCs arrive at the Tower of the Moon. The bright light at the top comes from Revich, angel of the Lords of Light. The party call out to him but he doesn't respond. Mal'uk starts casting a ritual under his breath but the others don't realise what he's doing and Ella pushes open the blue glass door.

Inside, the PCs can make out the ghostly form of the Moonlit King behind a glowing wall of lunar force. Brave Ella offers the king some jewellery but he isn't impressed. Then, she hands over the magical shield she was given by Lord Chelessfield, a gift that the King accepts. The ranger continues to talk to the insane monarch who asks the party to spill his blood before he will free Parsantium from scathsidhe rule. Unsure how to reach him to do this, Khuma summons his spirit companion behind the wall of force but dismisses it when the King's giant derro bodyguard approaches menacingly. Ella figures out how to move the moonbeams around with her radiant sword but soon realises this doesn't help the PCs get to the King.

Khuma and Ella use their weapons to smash down the wall of force and attack the Moonlit King. As he fights the party, the shadow fey asks them questions, such as how long has the Queen ruled and where his daughter is. Fortunately, Mal'uk has done a lot of research into the Shadow Courts and is able to answer these correctly as he fights. The PCs work out that the King's madness stops them attacking while he is standing in a moonbeam.


The swordmage protects Ellla, using dimensional vortex to divert the King's attack on to his derro servant, and then teleports the monarch out of his moonbeam so he can be attacked. Khuma seizes the opportunity and unleashes a storm of blades, inflicting two criticals on the King.  Ella keep the moonbeams moving around using her sword while the other two PCs and Khuma's bear battle the derro ravager and the moonbeam devil. The King continues to question the party - a wrong answer brings another moonbeam devil into the fray as the first one falls.

The PCs continue to talk to the King. Eventually Khuma goes to mop the scathsidhe's fevered brow - this act of kindness brings the Moonlit King to his senses. He drops his orb of power and slumps to the floor. He offers the party a bargain - he will return the City at the Crossroads to its people; in exchange the PCs must pursue and slay the Demon Lord of Roaches in the Abyss. The PCs agree and Mal'uk is marked with a crescent moon tattoo to seal the bargain.

The PCs are returned to Parsantium instantly. When they arrive, it is a year and a day after they left, the Festival of Lights is in full swing, and no one seems to remember the time when the shadow fey ruled the city. No one, that is, apart from Hidden Ambassador Thelamandrine who thanks the PCs for what they have done. Returning to their apartments, the party are glad to see Krivinn preaching the nobility and majesty of Bahamut outside his shrine to passers-by.

The Moonlit King


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Jun. 30th, 2012 02:02 pm (UTC)
What pantheon of gods do you use?
Jun. 30th, 2012 02:39 pm (UTC)
It's complicated - Parsantium is a crossroads city with four main cultures represented.</p>

The Batiaran pantheon is basically the gods of Aaron Loeb's excellent Book of the Righteous plus Bahamut & Pelor from the D&D 4e pantheon.

The Akhrani gods are borrowed from Al-Qadim, and the Tiangaon deities are from Dragonfist. The gods of Sahasra are real-world Indian/Vedic deities including Siva and Hanuman.

Jul. 2nd, 2012 07:43 am (UTC)
Oohh exciting
I'll definitely be back for the assault on the Abyss!
Jul. 3rd, 2012 06:49 am (UTC)
Excellent! That won't be for a while yet - you need to reach the Epic Tier first. However, a trip to the Ghoul Imperium might be on the cards before then.....
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