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Very excited that the Midgard Bestiary for 4th Edition that I wrote with Brian Liberge last Autumn has gone live this morning as a Kickstarter project.

I worked on this book every weekend from the end of July through to the beginning of December last year and loved every minute of it.

To pick the monsters, I went through five year's worth of Open Design's adventures and sourcebooks looking for the most interesting, iconic and flavoursome monsters to pull together a balanced line-up of creature types and levels that represented the best of the Midgard setting.

After Wolfgang Baur had approved the outline and the list, Brian Liberge came on board, we decided who was going to do what, and began working our way through the monsters, converting them to 4e from 3.5 D&D, Pathfinder and the AGE system. Often, we looked at the original monster and decided it would be would be fun to come up with several variants of the creature. For example, there are three nasty gnomes of Niemhiem, rather than just the one that appeared in the AGE Bestiary.

We also wrote some brand new monsters, and got additional contributions via the KQ Forums from patrons including Tracy “Sarah Darkmagic” Hurley. The Pathfinder Bestiary was being written at the same time and we worked closely with Adam Daigle, adding in several cool creatures from that book to bring the final total to 150 monsters.

Long time fans of Midgard will be pleased to see monsters like the owl harpy from Six Arabian Nights and the blood hag from Blood of the Gorgon included, and there are 30 brand new creatures which don’t appear anywhere else, including Mammon himself (a level 33 solo!)

Once we had all our monsters, we enlisted the help of 15 groups of 4e players and playtested them to make sure they all worked properly at the table and were fun to fight. Final tweaks were made the manuscript went off to the editor.

We’re very proud of the book and I’m very excited it’s now out there for people to back as a Kickstarter project. The monsters give you a fantastic set of creatures with interesting, varied powers and great background lore to put straight into your 4th Edition D&D game.

It would be great to get as many backers as possible to bring the book into print!


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Jun. 12th, 2012 06:30 pm (UTC)
Midgard 4e Bestiary
User raging_swan referenced to your post from Midgard 4e Bestiary saying: [...] Helmed by none other than Raging Swan’s own Richard Green [...]
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