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Red Hand of Doom Session #13 Farewell to Grudge and Vastori

Can't believe last night was Larry's final session - it won't be the same without him! Also, the valiant Vastori finally fell in combat. Anyone would think he had some kind of deathwish all along... Anyway, I'm looking forward to the appearance of the blind character with the talking dog!

Quite a bit of experience this week following the epic battle with the black dragon: Avatea, Grudge and Moralias get 2,520 xp each; Enzo gains 2,100 xp.

6th Flamerule (contd)
Moralias becomes 6th level and summons a new mount: a hippogriff which he also names "Morning Ferry" although the beast itself says he would prefer “Prancer”. The PCs move the rowboats round to the east side of the lake during the rest of the day.

At midnight, lizardfolk attack the PCs’ camp while Grudge is on watch. They are easily dealt with, although one escapes.

7th Flamerule
Just before dawn, Grudge drinks his potion of water breathing and heads into the lake. After going round in circles for a while, he manages to head in the right direction and into the fearsome jaws of a giant crocodile. He’s grabbed a few times and is bitten down to just 1hp. Fortunately he is able to escape and join the others. After he’s been healed by Avatea, the party switches tactics to an aerial assault. Avatea carries Enzo, Vastori drinks a potion of fly and Grudge rides on Morning Ferry with Moralias. Everyone is buffed with several spells including anti-dragon aura and mass resist acid.

As the PCs pass the bell tower, they are subjected to volleys of arrows form the hobgoblin archers but carry straight past. Vastori lands on the roof and attacks the ettin that’s appeared from below while Moralias and Grudge make fly-by attacks on the hippogriff. It’s not long before Wyrmlord Saarvith appears, wounded but still very much alive, mounted on his black dragon. Regiarix the dragon breathes acid on Moralias and Grudge but they take little damage thanks to Avatea’s spell. Nurklenak (hobgoblin bard) appears and makes a suggestion that now the ettin is dead Vastori drop his swords and jump off the roof. The fighter is happy to oblige! Saarvith’s eagle and the lizardmen attack Avatea and Enzo, keeping them busy in a small room which stops them helping the others. Saarvith is knocked down below 0hp and off Regiarix for a second (and last) time. Grudge jumps off Morning Ferry and attacks the dragon as Moralias continues to make aerial passes. Vastori retrieves his swords, then falls victim to a second suggestion and throws them into the lake. He draws his spare and attacks the dragon while Avatea takes down Nurklenak. The dragon’s terrible attacks drop both Grudge and Vastori to below 0hp but Vastori carries on fighting. Avatea rescues Grudge, using the last charge from the staff of life to heal him. Vastori is killed! Grudge runs in to avenge his friend and Moralias makes a devastating charge using divine sacrifice which finishes off the black dragon.

The party spends a moment mourning the brave death of Vastori before searching the building. Much treasure is found, as well as a letter to Saarvith from someone called Ulwai, telling him to guard the Ghostlord’s phylactery carefully. A necklace found in the dragon’s lair radiates powerful necromancy and evil – could this be the phylactery?
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