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Here's what happened in Monday night's game. Each PC gets 1,700 xp.

8th December (contd.)

The PCs return to their living quarters to fetch Saethus, only to find their rooms are filled with growing flowers that give off a soporific perfume. Krivinn and Ella fall asleep but Saethus is able to drag them outside and wake them up. They also find an invitation to the Swan Festival pinned to the doors.

The party return to the Tower of the Lords of Light where Saethus impresses Revich enough to be invited to join the faction. He gains a glowing halo and a lantern dragonette called Fenegle, and promises to help drive the Demon Lord of Roaches from the Courts.

When the PCs return to their rooms for a second time, they interrupt some kind of council meeting being held by dozens of mice. Khuma bends down to listen more closely to what they are squeaking about and they scatter in all directions.

9th - 13th December

Ella fights a duel with the roachling Yikrugrak – the ranger wins, but only just as the roachling's four blades reduce her to 2hp.

Saethus learns the True Sight ritual at the Tower of Light.

Smooth-talking* Krivinn successfully woos the Silver-Chained Courtesan, Lishekki. Ella does less well with Hargos, the Flame-Cloaked Consort who says he will listen to her entreaties if she can impress him by defeating Lord Chelessfield in a duel. Unfortunately the eladrin noble declines Ella's challenge on account of her low status.

Khuma whiles away the time drinking with the goblins.

14th December

The duelling season over, the PCs attend the Swan Festival with Krivinn escorting Lishekki. The paladin and Ella are ushered into the Great Hall; Saethus ends up in a side room and Khuma has to stand at the back with the other servants (despite dressing up in his white suit and gold turban!)

The feast begins with the first of many bizarre and disgusting courses served. Krivinn drinks the Prince's Ale; Ella and Saethus drink the Queen's Wine. After the dances by Hargos and Mora, the Rain-Cloaked Courtesan, the Black Prince orders Krivinn to fetch Ulara of Seven Veils, the courtesan who was meant to be performing the third dance. The paladin goes to her apartments and persuades her to perform.

As the feast goes on Ella impresses the court by shooting down several birds from the Raven's Pie With Archery and sending one to the Queen. She also manages to eat Jellied Badger and drink Skull Wine without being sick. Saethus and Krivinn don't do so well with the maggot-ridden Memorial Beef and throw up, losing status. Meanwhile, Khuma is enjoying the simpler food at the back and manages to swipe a swan's carcass as the plates are cleared away.

After dessert, which includes Smoke Pastry With Gold Centre which burns Ella's tongue, cockroaches sent by Akyishigal swarm all over the food and tables, bringing the feast to an abrupt end as the diners run for it.

That night, Krivinn is seduced by Ulara's kiss of fiery lust. He returns to his room in the early hours, exhausted and with only dim memories of what happened.

15th December

The PC receive an invite to go hunting with the Black Prince. Saethus pays a visit to Revich in the Tower of Light.

16th December

The hunting expedition sets off for the forest. As well as the Black Prince and the Pale Witch, Lord Chelessfield, Kolya the Kennelmaster and Lord Suvid are also on the trip.

17th December

The hunting begins with both Ella and Khuma impressing with their skills. As the PCs walk back through the forest to the Prince's lodge they are attacked by swarms of death butterflies and moths which deal a lot of damage with their deadly attacks. After a few rounds, though, the PCs get the upper hand and destroy the insects.

* in his own way, obviously - "I am a paladin of Bahamut and will rescue you from your enslavement"


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Mar. 22nd, 2012 02:17 pm (UTC)
Sounds like you guys are girls are cracking on nicely, don't trust Black Prince ...
Mar. 22nd, 2012 02:27 pm (UTC)
I think they're missing having a full-time healer though. After ramping up the damage because Bolval was so effective I might need to tone it down a bit!
Mar. 22nd, 2012 05:08 pm (UTC)
Sorry ... my bad
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