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4e Wolfen

Back in 2004, I think it was, I saw some very cool minis in Orc’s Nest – they were giant wolf-men called wolfen made by a company called Rackham for a French miniatures skirmish game called Confrontation. I bought a couple, painted them, and ended up liking them so much I bought quite a few more. Having gone to all the trouble of buying and painting these miniatures, I knew I had to put them into one of my campaigns so the wolfen appeared in the Lands of Intrigue campaign, prowling the Wealdath in Tethyr. Later still, I managed to sneak a wolfen Lone Wolf called Rhorlief from this campaign into monkeyking’s Wrath of the River King adventure for 4e D&D which I ran for the Black Horse Parsantium group.

Last weekend I added a pack of wolfen to the Garden of Graves adventure I am running for the Juma Gang. Their 4e stats are below, unfortunately saved as images as I can’t figure out how to get the Monster Builder to produce stat blocks as text.

The intro text below is adapted from the Confrontation/Rackham website, now sadly defunct. They don’t seem to be producing their miniatures any more which is a real shame.

In the Feywild, one can hear howls like no other. Like those of the other wolves, they greet the appearance of the moon, but it is impossible to  confuse them: those howling in this way are not mere animals. Behind these bloodcurdling cries one senses a conscience, a frightening and formidable presence. Who has awakened the old fears buried deep in the heart of men?  Who has given a face and a soul to their most terrifying legends?

The Wolfen are the children of Yllia, the goddess of the Moon, a goddess as cold as the celestial body she symbolises, as dark as the night, and terribly  demanding. A curse or a blessing? She gave the Wolfen the force and the instinct  of a predator. But she also gave them an incredible thirst for blood and carnage. Ever since, they tirelessly track down their prey, pushed by a hunger  that is never satisfied and an uncontrollable need to kill. Every night they  offer their goddess her due, the precious fluid of life. But to find grace  in Yllia’s eyes is an almost insurmountable challenge, so every day the hunt  continues… 


EDIT: see comments for added v3.5 stats!

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