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The Ongoing Adventures of the Juma Gang, Session #35: The Children of Yllia

Here’s what happened in last night’s game. Good to use my wolfen minis again! Each PC gets 1,760 xp – we should finish the adventure next session.

19th Quintilis

After resting, the PCs experiment with the mysterious sundial, fixing it so it is stopped at midday. Heading through the door to the south, the PCs come into the pool chamber. Juma goes to retrieve the key at the bottom of the pool but is attacked by a water serpent and teleported into the fast-flowing river outside. Fortunately, as a water genasi, he is able to pull himself out to safety easily. Gil uses his mage hand to get the key but the water serpent continues to attack until the PCs leave the room, dumping both Ulthar and Sora into the river too. As they climb out, they spot movement to the north - a pack of six wolfen are approaching,
reapers drawn!


The Guardian of the Runes summons the power of the forest to root Ulthar and Sora to the spot as the warriors and vestals close to melee. Hrothgar, Gil and Juma rush out of the building to help, and an epic battle ensues. Juma impresses Ulthar with his teamwork initially but soon reverts to type, disobeying the warlord’s tactical orders much to the Urskovian’s chagrin. Like the fey the party have battled before, the wolfen fight on as undead for a round when killed, but the PCs are able to dispose of the two warriors, the Guardian and one vestal without too much trouble. With only one vestal and Killyox still standing, Hrothgar is knocked unconscious, and then Sora is also toppled. Once Ulthar has revived his comrades, the PCs gang up on the tough pack leader, backing off once Killyox has “died”, allowing Gil’s icy grasp to hold him in place until the undead wolfen leader falls.

Next, the PCs enter the building to the west. The room they come into is filled with tapestries, one of which depicts a thief triggering a trap while trying to open a door while his comrade stands behind him with a key – this key looks identical to the one fished out of the pool earlier. The PCs pull down all the tapestries, discovering another room to the south-east . This chamber of strange curves and bizarre shapes has a tall staff with a burning flame on top in the centre. Two series of numbers from 1 to 12 are marked on the south-east wall. After searching for secret doors back in the first room, Juma stands in front of the staff to cast his shadow over the number 12 representing midday. There is a click and a secret door opens to the west.. Hrothgar has rehung the tapestry with the key on it on the south wall to no effect; the gnoll rolls it back up again and takes it with him.

Going through the secret door, the PCs go down a corridor and follow sounds of conversation into what appears to be an ornate casino. Obviously, Juma is the first to enter and finds himself strangely compelled to play three dragon ante at one of the gaming tables. He beats his phantom opponent easily, deactivating that table. While Sora looks on in puzzlement, the rest of the party also fall under the spell of the tables, playing golem, harrow, dragon chess and bounder. All the PCs eventually win, although Ulthar needs a bit of help from Gil, and the magic of the five tables is dispelled.

The party go to the south-west into another rune-covered chamber with curved walls. Suddenly, the room goes dark. When the light returns, each PC finds he has a duplicate standing next to him. A confusing battle follows in which Hrothgar hits the real Sora and Juma swaps place with the wrong one, and Gil uses the unorthodox target of making his allies resistant to fire before fireballing the whole room! When the duplicates are killed, they turn into their true unseelie forms – quicklings and spriggans – and fight on as undead for a round.

With the battle is over, the PCs ponder what to do next – rest or carry on.
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