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Kobold Quarterly #2

The second issue of Wolfgang Baur's new magazine is now available and very good it is too. You can download it as a PDF for $6 from Paizo. It's obviously not an exact replacement for Dragon but its content is excellent! Some more info below:

Kobold Quarterly is the scrappy little magazine of Open Design, a tiny journal that covers the world's premiere roleplaying game from the gamer's perspective.

The second issue includes articles by Ed Greenwood, Nicolas Logue, Skip Williams, Wolfgang Baur, and Jeff Grubb, among others. It features full-color art by fantasy artists new and familiar.

Kobold Quarterly gives you player options, the finest design techniques, great interviews, cartoons, and tested tactical crunch.

* The Ecology of the Barghest
* An Assassin core class
* A preview of Empire of the Ghouls
* An interview with artist Wayne Reynolds
* Alternate class abilities for Paladins
* And more!

UPDATE: I read the whole issue on holiday and really enjoyed it. My favourite piece was Belphegor, Prince of Laziness - it must have been a considerable challenge to make the archdevil of laziness seem interesting but Tim & Eileen Connors succeeded in coming up with a very original and entertaining article. I also liked Ed Greenwood's article on bringing towns to life - the advice itself wasn't ground-breaking but it was written in the author's usual effervesecent style and was fun to read - and Skip Williams' piece on the concealment rules. The other articles were all pretty good too. One of the nice things about KQ is the way Wolfgang publishes lots of short, punchy articles which say what they have to say in three pages or so. Oh yeah, and the cover is great too, showing a very cool nightwing.

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