Richard Green (richgreen01) wrote,
Richard Green

Parsantium Gazetteer: Forathin

Forathin is a small eladrin town in the Feyshore Forest, with a population of about 500. The town is close to a Feywild crossing which emerges at the Garden of Graves, a holy site and burial ground, now corrupted by dark forces unknown. Forathin itself is subject to worldfall and is sometimes in the natural world, sometimes in the Feywild.

Gilgarran Hailsenra, eladrin wizard and member of the notorious Juma Gang comes from Forathin. His father, Paelias, is a noble eladrin and important citizen of the town, who sent Gil away to the lands of men to prove himself. Paelias has now enlisted the help of the Juma Gang in finding out what's corrupted the Garden of Graves.

Tags: juma gang, new campaign, parsantium
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