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One to Go!

Last night, we finished off the penultimate adventure in the Freeport Campaign: Bright Mountain King from Dungeon #142 which we've been playing since March. The whole campaign has been running since 2000 when 3rd Edition first came out, started with Death in Freeport and featured The Sunless Citadel early on, so it's only fitting that the final adventure is the infamous Bastion of Broken Souls, the last adventure in the original 3.0 adventure path. Of course, the adventure also gives me a chance to use my colossal red dragon "mini".

The aim is to finish the adventure and the campaign by next Summer, so we can make a decision once 4th edition is out whether to start our new campaign using 4e or continuing with v3.5. If we decide to stick with 3.5, I have three very cool Dungeon adventure paths I could run of which Savage Tide looks like it would be the most fun. However, there's something quite neat about starting a new campaign with 4e just like we did in 2000. We'll have to see - there's plenty of time yet to decide.
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