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This is the last summary of the D&D XP seminars on D&D Next pulled together by Morrus for ENWorld:

Seminar Transcript - Reimagining Skills and Ability Scores - EN World: Your Daily RPG Magazine

There's some interesting stuff here again: ability scores are more important – each links to a different type of saving throw for example – and there's some discussion about when the player needs to roll to do stuff and when he doesn't. I've always been a fan of getting players to roleplay what they say to the king or the officious town guard, not just rolling Diplomacy and having done with it, and it looks like Monte and co. are on the same wavelength. The equivalent of "taking 10" looks like it's back too – if a PC has a high Strength, he doesn't need to roll to open a normal door. I'm not so sure about the way saving throws outlined here will work though - if the attacker rolls to set the DC and the defender has to roll to save, that's surely going to slow combat down and we need to speed it up! I thought 4e's Fort, Ref & Will defenses were a big improvement over 3.x where an attacker sometimes had to roll to hit, overcome SR and then hope the opponent didn't make his saving throw.

Oh, and Rob Schwalb wants to bring back the Great Wheel. Huzzah!



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Andy Way
Feb. 1st, 2012 11:55 pm (UTC)
The ideas around ability scores sound good (although because of my age I suspect I have an inclination to think that anything that feels like 1e is automatically good, purely due to rose-tinted spectacles). Capped ability scores sounds like a good idea as well, because endless improvement was always rather daft. But I'm a little worried about how they talk up the way that equipment, etc could be the way of developing characters instead. That sounds like it could lead to the current nightmare with Feats where you have to plough through 374 options when levelling up.

Themes look like they could do something very interesting for characters, although they'll have to be careful that they don't become like Backgrounds, which are a lazy way to grab a couple of extra skill points. They need to be fundamental to the character build.
Feb. 2nd, 2012 06:28 am (UTC)
I don't think we want to go back to everyone boosting their ability scores with gauntlets of ogre power, headbands of intellect etc - yawn! I did see something on one of the other posts saying that Monte thought there should be stat boost items.

There are way too many feats if you use the character builder. This is the sort of thing that gives Kate analysis paralysis when levelling up her characters.

I like backgrounds but for some reason the full text doesn't even print on a DDI character sheet, so it's hard to remember the little story that went with the stat boost. Or what the stat boost was!
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