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Charting the Course: An Edition for all Editions - EN World

@criticalhits, @chattydm and a number of others were live-tweeting during the D&D Next seminar at DDXP which was really interesting and quite exciting to read through. I thought about pulling all of these tweets into a blog post but @morrus from ENWorld beat me to it:

Seminar Transcript - Charting the Course: An Edition for all Editions - EN World: Your Daily RPG Magazine

Worth checking this out. It's still all very theoretical, with a lot of "if we do this right" talk about modularity, but it sounds like they are looking at the right things, particularly allowing people to decide the split between roleplaying, exploration and combat in their games. There's one particular tweet missing where Monte talked about "that guy" who takes 10 minutes to resolve his turn in combat. Everyone has a "that guy" in their group, so it's great that speeding up combat is one of the things they're looking at for the new iteration of D&D.

Open playtest will be at some point in the Spring - looking forward to getting involved!
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