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The Sky's Falling In 2 #dndnext

Back in 2007, I wrote a Sky's Falling In post following the announcement of 4e. By that time, having run and played Epic 3.5 and got increasingly frustrated with the amount of DM prep time needed before a game, even at low levels, I was kind of ready for a new version of D&D, if somewhat trepidacious.

This time round, the announcement has come less than 4 years since the 4e rules came out and we're just getting to grips with the paragon tier. DM prep time has been reduced by the excellent Compendium and the simpler approach to monster design - an approach that made it possible for me to write half a monster book for Open Design. I like 4e and found it just as good a vehicle for telling the stories I want to tell as previous D&Ds. As a player, I like the extra tactical options.

But not everyone feels like this - kb98 isn't keen on the wargamey aspects and thinks the longer combats mean less time and emphasis on roleplaying. She's got a point. Lots of other gamers weren't happy either and stuck with 3.5 in the form of Pathfinder. And Essentials, the simpler 4e we got a couple of years after the initial release, felt like what we should have started with.

All this makes it not that surprising that WotC are working on a new edition. What makes me feel excited and positive is that they're going to do a lot of open playtesting, and have been talking about a modular approach to the game. Hopefully this will allow each group to pick the level of rules complexity that works fur them. Fingers crossed! I'm looking forward to seeing what they come up with.

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