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The Ongoing Adventures of the Juma Gang, Session #33: Into the Feywild

Here’s what happened in last night’s game, featuring a less-crazed Hrothgar, more inclined to listen to Ulthar’s instructions. Must be a strange side effect of being in the Feywild…. Each PC gets 1,405 xp, enough to reach 11th level and the paragon tier!

17th Quintilis

As the PCs near the eladrin town of Forathin, they come to a clearing with three female eladrin bodies in the centre, and also spot two elves and a hag hiding in the trees. The party attacks – Juma and Sora go for the hag, an ala, while Ulthar and Hrothgar attack one of the elven archers, and Gil hangs back to cast spells. Unfortunately, the three “eladrin bodies” are actually dryads who rise up to attack once the PCs have advanced. It’s a long, tough battle with Gil and Hrothgar both going unconscious; the eladrin even uses his treeform box to turn into a tree and keep out of harms’ way for a couple of rounds. To make things worse, the foes do not fall straight away when killed – instead they fight on as undead for a round before collapsing. The party are eventually victorious, with Sora knocking the last elf standing unconscious. Interrogating him doesn’t reveal much information – he is clearly mad, babbling about “the darkness.”

The PCs take their insane captive to Forathin where Paelias, Gil’s father, has him locked up. He urges the party to do all they can to cleanse the Garden of Graves of corrupting forces and, worn down by Juma’s persistence, agrees to give the genasi his armour if they are successful. They spend the night in the town.

18th Quintilis

The PCs enter the gateway to the Feywild and soon come to the Garden’s entry cave. A cryptic poem is written on the walls of the ridge beside the cave entrance. Inside the cave are three statues of maiden, mother and crone blocking further progress. Each has an outstretched hand so Juma puts a coin in the hand of the mother which causes the crone statue to animate and attack him. Not sure what to do, Ulthar puts a coin in the maiden’s hand (which does nothing). The PCs fight the statue half-heartedly for a round, then withdraw to the outside of the cavern after Sora’s attempts to talk to the statues get nowhere.

Going back in, the statues stand as they did before so the PCs try holding hands with all three simultaneously. Unfortunately, the crone statue attacks again, hitting Hrothgar very hard several times. Juma swaps places with the gnoll and the PCs retreat for a second time.

Then, Juma goes in and puts a coin in the crone’s hand. This causes all three statues to step aside.

Inside the Garden, the PCs poke around in an abandoned campsite. An obelisk topped with an iron eye stands nearby. As they look around, the tents, logs and tools in the camp animate and attack, and the obelisk unleashes sleep magic on the clearing, sending Gil to sleep. Ulthar flies up to the top of the obelisk using his cloak of the shadowform but falls asleep and crashes to the ground. Meanwhile Hrothgar and Sora are surrounded by vicious logs and tools (which set them on fire and nail their feet to the ground) and Juma and Gil are under attack from an elusive will-o’-the-wisp. Ulthar gets back up the obelisk and pulls the eye open which shuts down the trap, Sora and the bloodied Hrothgar finish off the camping equipment and Juma and Gil drive off the wisp. To the north is a great stone column with rope bridges leading north to the 60’ high ridge and east to a building of strange curves and angles standing on stilt-like columns.

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