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Red Hand of Doom Session #12

Here's what happened in Monday night's game, held downstairs at the back again! No Vastori and no Moralias, but plenty of high jinx nonetheless.

5th level PCs get 2,250 xp, 6th level PCs get 1,800 xp; 7th level PCs get 1,576 xp.

6th Flamerule (contd)
After an hour or so’s debate (which would have infuriated Vastori had he been there), Grudge is told that he can’t drink a potion of water breathing and wade across the lake to the buildings in the centre. Instead, all four PCs fly across to Rhest’s old town hall, with both mages invisible. Grudge attacks the ogres on the roof, supported by Avatea, Enzo and Kiaphas. The party manage to finish off all six ogres: half on the roof and half on the level below, but the battle shifts up a gear when Wyrmlord Saarvith and his black dragon arrive. Grudge is badly wounded but Avatea uses a heal spell from the staff of life to revive him and he charges back into the fray. Meanwhile, Saarvith’s eagle companion flies after Enzo and starts attacking him. Saarvith is hit several times, first by fireballs and then by Grudge and falls from his mount into the waters below, presumably dead, but the dragon is a real handful, nearly killing Enzo and Kiaphas. Its acidic breath seems to cling to his victims for a round after it first strikes them. Avatea rescues the unconscious Enzo and the party withdraws from the combat. However, Grudge gets a rush of blood to the head and flies over to the bell tower and attacks the hobgoblins. When more arrive, he decides caution is the better part of valour and legs it.
The PCs regroup on the shore: they’ve managed to kill six ogres and possibly Saarvith but the dragon remains, along with an ettin and another hobgoblin they spied through the windows.

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