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Brand new Parsantium city map

I revised the Parsantium city map last Boxing Day, and again in August, but I've taken a new approach this time to try and make it easier to read. Thanks to Jonathan Roberts for inspiration in this post on G+ – my Photoshop skills weren't anywhere good enough to do half the things he suggested but I think I've ended up with a clearer and prettier map.

Notes on locations

Dev'shir Estate (Grand Ward) - home of Lady Patricia Dev'shir, rescued from Orloch Scragmane's slave pits; hired the Juma Gang to investigate how her aunt Cordelia's necklace ended up on sale in a Dock Ward pawn shop.

Celestial Bastion (Grand Ward) - chapter-house/temple of the Platinum Knights of Bahamut. Its soylana (master) is a middle-aged human paladin called Orthas, a veteran of several battles against raiding humanoids.

Forum of Heraclius I (Emerald Ward) - largest public square in the city, dominated by a tall column, once topped with a bronze statue of Terak, pulled down by Kalgroth Ironheart, hobgoblin ruler of Parsantium over 100 years ago.

Mosaic Lantern (Emerald Ward) - upscale inn.

Winter's Kiss (Emerald Ward) - home of Hidden Ambassador Thelamandrine of the Shadow Fey.

House of the Foaming Tankard (Jewel Ward) - temple to Ninkash, dwarven goddess of beer.

Great Library (Civic Ward) - the most complete and inclusive library in the former Batiaran Empire.

Basilica of Pelor (Civic Ward) - magnificent domed temple to the sun god.

Hippodrome (Civic Ward) - home to chariot races and gladiatorial contests.

Great Palace (Palace Ward) - residence of the Basileus.

Garrison (Palace Ward) - home to the Parsantine army.

Curio Cabinet (Mercantile Quarter) - dusty, crammed shop in Tinker's Alley run by an old lady called Irene. Many interesting items for sale.

Colossus (Mercantile Quarter) - 100 ft tall bronze statue of Corandias the Magnificent which towers over the city's markets.

Theatre of Aymara (Mercantile Quarter) - huge theatre, holding up to 5,000, where the plays of Iancu Petronas and others are performed.

Garden Mausoleum of Hulieman (Garden Ward) - a beautiful domed building of white marble set in formal, tree-lined grounds which survived several attacks on the city and now serves as a public park. One of the most popular spots in the Old Quarter with both visitors and resident young lovers.

Seven Chalices (Caravans Ward) - welcoming caravanserai near the city gates, popular with visiting merchants.

Marjani Minar (Makers Ward) - 500 ft. tall tower, topped with a golden dome, home to the Esoteric Order of the Blue Lotus.

Khanduq of the Nightingale's Song (Makers Ward) - Akhrani-style bazaar situated in the Aymara Sabban, frequented by artists, musicians and their wealthy patrons.

Hippocampus Baths (Makers Ward) - popular bathhouse in the Weaver's Sabban of the guildhall district

White Palm (Makers Ward) - large tavern, originally home to the Desert Sands Brewery.

Temple of Niu Dahan (Faiths Ward) - temple to the Tiangaon "city god", attended by Wang Jin We and his student Gong, located in the middle of "Tiangao Town."

Visnhu Temple (Faiths Ward) - this huge building is the biggest temple to a Sahasran god this side of the Pillars of Heaven Mountains. Several sacred cows wander the temple grounds.

Golden Mosque (Faiths Ward) - splendid golden-domed mosque dedicated to the Akhrani goddess, Jisan of the Floods.

Winking Vixen (Poor Ward) - riverside brothel in Grape Lane, previously owned by Zeno Meverel of the Golden Scimitars. Now run by its dwarf bouncer and whores.

Fallen Angel (Poor Ward) - brothel catering for darker tastes.

Cloven Nine HQ (Poor Ward) - abandoned chapel to Mammon, shut down by the City Watch.

Fahil's Floating Palace (Poor Ward) - gaudily-furnished gambling house on board a barge moored at a pier in the red light district.

Flotsam (Dock Ward) - boat town, inhabited by some of the city's poorest citizens. Where the PCs started out.

Orloch Scragmane's Slum Tenement (Dock Ward) - HQ of a notorious slum lord and slaver, brought low by adventurers. Next door is St Caspieran's Salvation, a mission & chapel of Pelor run by Brother Jerome.

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