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Here’s what happened in last night’s game. Big huzzah and welcome back for Brave Ella and lucybrant! Each PC gets 800 xp.

20th November (contd.)

The sinister shadowy creatures move to surround Khuma, Krivinn and Saethus – the PCs work out they are fey creatures from the Shadowfell, vulnerable to radiant damage. The shadowy beings take the place of the PCs’ own shadows and teleport annoyingly out of the way of attacks. One of their number is a more powerful creature known as a passing darkness which uses its power over the sun and the moon to conjure two replacements when a PC manages to kill his cloying assailant. At the end of the first round of combat, an old friend, the elf ranger Ella, appears and rushes to her companions’ aid, firing unerringly accurate arrows from her bow. After a few rounds, the PCs are able to destroy their foes and daylight returns. The passing darkness leaves ashes behind when it's slain - if eaten, says Saethus, these will work like a potion of vitality.

Asking around town about Winter’s Kiss is getting the party nowhere so Saethus purchases the Consult Mystic Sages ritual from the Esoteric Order of the Blue Lotus and casts it. The spirits reveal Winter’s Kiss to be located in the counting house of the spice merchant Enneas Thel in the Emerald Ward. Surprised by this information, they visit the prefect and ask for a warrant to enter and search the counting house which Bardas is happy to give them.That night, Saethus’ meditation and Khuma’s sleep are troubled by strange visions and dreams. Neither gains the benefit of an extended rest.

21st November

Krivinn goes to check on his shrine to Bahamut to find it’s been closed “by order of the Queen” and his two acolytes are nowhere to be seen. The PCs head over the bridges to the Imperial Quarter and knock on the door of the address they’ve been given for Winter’s Kiss. When a shadow fey footman answers the door, the PCs say they will return tomorrow, happy they’ve got the right location. They hire a messenger snake to send word to Bardas that Enneas Thel doesn’t seem to be living there anymore. Expecting trouble, they then visit the Mercantile Quarter to buy more potions of vitality.

22nd November

Krivinn goes to visit the Celestial Bastion in the Grand Ward to find it locked shut, also “by order of the Queen”. There is no sign of the Platinum Knights of Bahamut and local residents can’t provide any information as to their whereabouts. Rumours are also rife that scathsidhe have replaced the City Watch on the Victory Gate. Meanwhile, Khuma goes shopping and purchases some very showy white and gold clothes and an ostentatious jewelled gold turban for the party’s meeting with the Hidden Ambassador.

The PCs return to Winter’s Kiss and are admitted by the footman, Canderminne Tallowglass, announced, and shown in to see the Hidden Ambassador who is sitting talking in elven to a white owl. Krivinn, Saethus and an unusually eloquent Khuma manage to impress His Excellency enough for him to reveal a few key pieces of information, although the paladin comes very close to upsetting the shadow fey:

– The Queen’s claim to the city dates back to the time before its conquest by Corandias the Magnificent, when the shadow fey ruled the lands from the Ironcrags and Margreve Forest to the Griffin Water. As far as the scathsidhe are concerned, the city’s title reverted to them when Corandias’ dynasty fell and Parsantium was conquered by the hobgoblin king Kalgroth Ironheart.
– The Queen is sometimes amused to meet foreigners
– The Moonlit King is the one who declared the claim to Parsantium is both valid and of interest to the Court
– The Queen and the King are not always of one mind where affairs of state are concerned.

Ambassador Thelamandrine then goes on to subtly hint that if the PCs might want to travel the Shadow Road and meet with the Queen. If they were to do this, they would need a ritual to open the Shadow Road and that experts on arcane magic in the city might be able to shed some light on how to perform such a ritual. The conversation is then over – parting gifts are brought by the footman and the white owl polymorphs into a female shadow fey, the sorcerer Freja Owlsdaughter. Freja promises “a visit from her tailor” to Saethus.

Somewhat confused, the PCs are shown out into the street.

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