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The Ongoing Adventures of the Juma Gang, Session #32: On the Horns of a Dilemma

Here’s what happened in last night’s game. Each PC gets 1,000 xp. This write-up features Hellcow 3 by Keith Baker from En Route III.

9th Quintilis

The PCs question Gravash, the dragonborn sorcerer they’ve captured. He says he works for the Ghostlord who lives inside a great stone lion 40 miles away, keeping intruders out of his territory and bringing him lions. The party decide not to go after the Ghostlord until they can find out more so Juma lets Gravash go after cutting off one of his fingers.

Hrothgar has been studying his map of unseen lands and guides the party into the territory of the zmey, a three-headed dragon. The beast attacks, breathing fire but Gil is able to cast mass fire resistance early on in the battle to protect his comrades before retreating to the top of a ridge out of harm’s way. Hrothgar chops off one of the zmey’s heads, then Ulthar severs a second but the now one-headed dragon is still very dangerous, trampling the PCs, biting and breathing fire on them. Sora goes unconscious, then Hrothgar but Ulthar is able to bring them both round with his healing magic. Finally, Hrothgar brings down the zmey with oak hammer rage. Hrothgar takes all three heads as a trophy, dragging them behind him in a big sack. The PCs find the creature’s cave and take its treasure.

12th Quintilis

Arrive back in Parsantium

13th Quintilis

The PCs visit the Curio Cabinet – Hrothgar buys dwarven throwers and Juma Ji’ad buys the vagabond’s die. The gnoll then takes one of the zmey head’s to a taxidermist named Serma Drul who will stuff it for 200 gp after Irene offers to buy it stuffed for 500 gp. He takes the other two and Queen Shephatiah’s head back to his apartment.

Next, the PCs head to Flotsam to buy potions from Jagadamba only to find out from the Water Boys that the old witch is gone. Her boat exploded when a band of adventurers went to visit.

Later that day a messenger snake also arrives from Lady Patricia Dev’shir, explaining that her dwarf accountant found evidence that the Watch Captain of the Poor Ward, Attalus has been taking bribes. Lady Patricia has handed the ledgers to the authorities and Captain Attalus has been arrested. Sergeant Saurish has replaced him as captain.

Later still, when the PCs return to their apartment in the Makers Ward, they find Gil’s father, Paelias, waiting for them. The eladrin asks the party to deal with the evil force that’s taken over the Garden of Graves, a holy site and cemetery for the fey living in Forathin, corrupting the site, driving some fey mad and enslaving others. The party agree to help.

14th Quintilis

The PCs set off for the Feyshore Forest after brunch so Juma can have a lie-in.

15th Quintilis

As the party travels along the Silk Road, they spot the remains of a ruined city among the grass and bushes on either side. When they round a bend, they come across a herd of cows - all black bar one very white one, and their herder. The herder turns out to be a rakshasa who offers the party his magic staff if they will kill the white cow. If they refuse, he will kill them.

No one is sure what to do. Hrothgar asks the rakshasa to throw away his staff and then attacks him. Juma attacks the sad-looking white cow, Sora attacks an angry-looking black cow and Ulthar heals the white cow, before smashing the staff which Gil has gone to examine. Then, Juma starts attacking the white cow and the rakshasa at the same time, while Hrothgar continues to attack the herder only. Ulthar confuses things by healing the bloodied rakshasa! Sora starts moving down the road, pursued by the black cow she attacked which is incapable of hitting her.

Eventually, the rakshasa falls to Hrothgar’s attacks. One of the black cows turns into a rakshasa, dressed in the same brown cloak as the one the PCs killed, and goes to sit on the same rock. He tells the PCs to “begone and leave us to our misery!”

Taking everyone by surprise, Juma then kills the white cow. There is a moment of absolute silence and a strange tingling in the air – a sense of vast magical forces being drawn in from the surrounding area. The corpse of the white cow vanishes, the PCs have visions of the ruined city restored, and the black cows all turn into rakshasas. They join hands and rise up into the sky, their mocking laughter filling the air. The party are alone on the road.
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