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Sebastian's Story

Here's the backstory of waynefurmidge's new character in the Black Horse campaign.

Sebastian Todorakis (“son of Todor” or “Little Todor”) is a minotaur runepriest in the service of Terak, God of War. He was born 25 years ago on the large island of Phokris in the Corsair’s Sea to the southwest of Parsantium. Sebastian is 7 feet 3 inches tall, with light brown fur, brown eyes and a stocky, muscular build. His horns are white with black tips and are inscribed with many runes.

Sebastian grew up in the Grand Labyrinth, a vast underground complex beneath a dormant volcano in the middle of the island. The Labyrinth has long served as a temple of the god Terak, a library, and as a home to many minotaurs. Sebastian trained as a librarian in his youth, growing up reading stories of past battles and ancient glories. This suited him well as his aptitude for the written word was unusually good, and later, the minotaur stories he read inspired him to seek out adventure and glory for himself.
Sebastian’s duties included looking after the valuable books in the great library of the Labyrinth. He had plenty of time to read on the job, and his study of various religious tomes led to him becoming a runepriest.
In his early days as a librarian, the young Sebastian faced a great challenge. His well-respected uncle Aetos turned his back on the teachings of Terak and fell under the sway of the demon lord Baphomet. Aetos attempted to perform a dark, forbidden ritual but was thwarted by his own nephew and brought to justice. By putting the Labyrinth before his own flesh and blood, Sebastian greatly impressed the minotaur elders and rose rapidly to become a trusted member of the Guardians of the Central Library. Despite this advancement, Sebastian was hurt by his uncle’s betrayal and it will be a long time before he trusts anyone again. The incident had a permanent influence over Sebastian’s temperament, making him prone to aggression and moodiness.

The incident with Aetos was not the only tragedy to strike Sebastian while in the library.  In his new position, he was given responsibility for guarding the clan’s most trusted scrolls and books. One night something happened which brought his whole world crashing down around him.
Sebastian had been asked to guard some particularly rare and powerful manuscripts. As time passed, Sebastian became a little thirsty, and, reaching for a skin conveniently placed on the table, he drank deeply. He suddenly felt overwhelming tiredness, then his head hit the table and he was unconscious. The next memory he had was been woken by a number of panicking guards – the valuable scrolls he had been guarding were missing.
Sebastian’s deep sense of honour told him to take responsibility for what happened, despite the clear evidence that someone was behind the incident. He was ejected from the clan with immediate effect and stripped of his status as a librarian. Until such time as he is able to return the stolen manuscript, he cannot return to the Grand Labyrinth.
As a trained and capable runepriest, Sebastian had little difficultly finding his way out of the Labyrinth. Sailing from Phokris across the Corsair’s Sea to the north, Sebastian used knowledge learned in the library from old maps and tales to make his way across mountains and great rivers in search of the culprit behind the theft of the manuscript. As he travelled further from his home, he was able to piece together information about the theft at Central Labyrinth and the stolen scrolls. These clues seem to point towards the city of Parsantium and a man named Heinsoo.

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