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Richard Green

The Curio Cabinet

The Curio Cabinet is in Parsantium's Mercantile Quarter, tucked away down a backstreet a few blocks from the Colossus called Tinker’s Alley. It's an unassuming stone and timber building with a faded sign, hanging half off its hinges. The glass windows are thick with grime and hard to see through.

Inside, the shop is one room with exposed ceiling beams supported by a number of pillars. Crammed into this space is a vast, untidy and dust-covered assortment of items from plundered tombs, dungeons, and ruins across the world, brought here by adventurers. Dominating the space is a huge, eyeless stuffed beholder which hangs from the ceiling. The other contents are less dramatic but still exotic – erotic drow scupltures, old treasure maps, statuettes of many-headed and –limbed Sahasran gods, canopic jars from Khemit, bronze prayer wheels from a monastery high in the Pillars of Heaven Mountains, lizardfolk tribal boundary marking poles, and so on.
The shopkeeper, named Irene, comes across as a sweet, friendly old lady who always offers her visitors a cup of tea, keen to see what they have for sale. However, rudeness or, even worse, mean-spririted remarks will cause her to give the offending PC a sharp slap on the wrist!
Occasionally, PCs will be able to buy uncommon magic items here of their level or lower, although Irene does not typically deal in weapons or armour.

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