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Here’s what happened in last night’s game in which a new hero joins the party – Sebastian Todorakis, a minotaur runepriest from the island of Phokris. Each PC gets 1,225 xp.

Since winning the grand prize in the gladiatorial bouts at the Hippodrome and saving the Old Quarter tribune during the chariot race, the PCs have been taking care of personal business. Khuma has been trying to track down the whereabouts of surviving members of the Pei’pa tribe, Saethus has been trying (without much success) to impress the Esoteric Order of the Blue Lotus, and Krivinn has been reestablishing his shrine to Bahamut. The dragonborn paladin has recruited two eager young acolytes – Epheres and Kaphti are both newly ordained priests of Bahamut and will take care of the day-to-day running of the chapel. Bolval, meanwhile, has returned to the Ironcrags bearing a message from Matron Gloril Wiseheart – dwarves don’t trust messenger snakes or magic to deliver their important missives. The three PCs remaining in the city also pay a visit to the Curio Cabinet in the Mercantile Quarter but only Khuma makes a purchase.

18th November

Khuma, Krivinn and Saethus are relaxing in a tavern in the Civic Ward near the Holy Basilica of Pelor when Meletius, a novice of the Sun God comes rushing in, asking for help. The archbishop is under attack in the basilica! The PCs rush after the young man to the temple. Pinned to the doors is a notice in Elven from the Hidden Ambassador Extraordinary of the Winter Court to the Fey City of Parsantium, His Excellency Glaninin Thelamandrine, revoking the charter of the temple. The party charge inside, followed by Sebastian who has heard the cries for help.

Inside His Radiance Arcadius, Archbishop of Parsantium, is being threatened by five shadow fey in black cloaks and armed with rapiers. Krivinn calls for them to stop but the scathsidhe take no notice, moving in to attack the elderly priest. The paladin rushes to his aid but is attacked from the shadows by two assassins wielding poisoned knives and is soon bloodied. Saethus and Khuma join in the fray – the wizard casts lightning bolt and the shifter attacks one of the shadow fey with his primal powers. Then, Sebastian moves forward to heal the archbishop.

Saethus casts a fireball on the shadow fey surrounding Arcadius, using careful aim to avoid setting the archbishop on fire. Khuma charges forward, drawing three opportunity attacks, and is forced to deny death to stay on his feet. His reckless charge does at least bloody the shadow fey assassin he attacks and he is luckily healed by a comrade before he keels over. Krivinn kills the first shadow fey, Sebastian kills a second and Khuma, polar bear-headed after unleashing his frost wolf rage, impales a third on his longspear. Three more scathsidhe are slain; the last one runs but is brought down by Khuma as he runs past.

The battle over, Sebastian introduces himself as Arcadius thanks the party for saving his life. The minotaur reveals he has come to the city in search of a man named Heinsoo who stole sacred texts from the Central Labyrinth under the island of Phokris. Krivinn explains that the PCs know this name and they have a list of books the elusive Heinsoo is trying to find. After searching the bodies and finding white feathers on the two assassins, the PCs decide to investigate.

Sebastian heads for the Great Library where he tries to find out if there is any connection between the various books on Heinsoo’s list – there doesn’t seem to be. Krivinn goes to see Orthas at the Celestial Bastion, keen to tell him that he, a paladin of Bahamut, has just saved the Archibishop of Parsantium from assailant inside his own temple. As he walks through the leafy Grand Ward, a deer runs across the street, followed by shadow fey hunters and their phantom hounds. Very strange. Saethus researches the shadow fey in the library inside the Marjani Minar. Meanwhile, Khuma can’t get a beer as all the barrels inside the Desert Sands Brewery have been soured by the fey “as a fine”. The shifter also learns that the Street of Tailors in the Maker’s Ward has vanished!

The party meet up and compare notes – shadow fey heralds have been appearing around the city, issuing proclamations and edicts on behalf of the Queen of Night and Magic. The PCs break into a building from behind where the Street of Tailors was – inside the internal door leads to a brick wall. A visit to the Desert Sands brewery doesn’t shed any more light on what’s going on. Then, a messenger snake appears – Bardas has invited the PCs to meet him at the city council chambers first thing in the morning.

19th November

The PCs meet Bardas and agree to stand guard over the council meeting – at yesterday’s meeting, several shadow fey appeared in the chambers and started discussing city business. When the guards tried to eject them, they found themselves locked out of the room with the councillors!

Despite their vigilance, the party are unable to stop the appearance of the Hidden Ambassador who announces that the King and Queen of the Shadowfell are taking control of the city again, and have appointed a viceroy to govern the city. After making this announcement, Thelamandrine vanishes. The PCs ask Bardas about the pact the city made with the shadow fey over 100 years ago but the Prefect claims to know nothing about it. He says he will search the city records and let them know what he discovers.

More strange events occur that day – goblin and fey heralds announce more edicts against the gods of the city, against cursing and drinking without toasting the fey. That night, all the PCs have the same dream in which they are invited to visit Winter’s Kiss, the ambassador’s home in Parsantium.

20th November

The PCs have never heard of Winter’s Kiss but try to find out where it is by asking around. Krivinn argues with a goblin herald who tries to advise him not to openly proclaim his worship for Bahamut. Of course, this is like a red rag to a bull and the paladin takes no notice. As he waves his holy symbol under the goblin’s nose and then kisses it, it starts getting dark and sinister shadows move to surround the party….

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