May 7th, 2020

Green Man

Empire of the Ghouls Session 4 – The Cult of Forbidden Ecstasies

I started work on the Empire of the Ghouls adventure path for Kobold Press around two years ago, writing the overall outline with Wolfgang Baur, and then Chapter 2: The Holy Robes of Sister Adelind, and Chapter 6: The Pure City of Vandekhul

Now that the adventure has been released, I'm posting the brief  session write ups I’ve been doing for my players in our monthly Empire  of the Ghouls campaign.

In our fourth session, we continued Chapter 1 of Empire of the Ghouls, Dread Chambers of the Undercity by Chris Lockey. Here's the write up which contains spoilers for the campaign.

Battle in the Temple of Marena
Battle in the Temple of Marena

7th High Summer, 92 FY 

Joined by Bubbles, the characters return to the catacombs. En route, Kalo, Penumbra’s new pseudodragon familiar, hears a noise from a side passage. In the room beyond a caged ice mephit is keeping several dead bodies cold. The compassionate Zygmunt smashes open the cage to release the little creature.

The adventurers kill two ghouls in the catacombs, then enter the passage that the Red Priestess fled down. Zygmunt and Louthin spend an hour clearing the rubble from the collapsed roof trap so the party can get through.  

Bubbles follows the Red Priestess’ tracks, leading the characters to the entrance of the Hidden Temple of Marena. Penumbra sends the human guard to sleep and they dispatch the ogre ghoul. Waking the guard up, they interrogate him, learning that he is a member of the Cult of Forbidden Ecstasies, led by Felixia Bael-Sheth, the Red Sister.

Felixia Bael-Sheth
Felixia Bael-Sheth
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