April 7th, 2019

Green Man

Tyranny of Dragons, Session #39: Tiamat!

Here’s what happened in last night’s final session of our Tyranny of Dragons campaign which we started in May 2015.

10th Flamerule, 1491 DR (contd.)

As Rosie dimension doors to the entrance to Tiamat’s Temple in the Blue Chapel, Ug casts twinned haste on herself and Turin, Crake activates her wings of flying and Gwastdyn wildshapes into an air elemental. 

Rosie casts maddening darkness to fill the apse, where Severin the Red is levitating 100 feet above the temple floor and chanting. The others, still in the Black Chapel, attack the Red Wizards with arrows, swords and axes. 

Collapse )