February 11th, 2019

Green Man

Tyranny of Dragons, Session #38: The Well of Dragons

Here’s what happened in Saturday’s penultimate session of The Rise of Tiamat in which the PCs made it to Tiamat’s Temple inside the Well of Dragons. The PCs have now reached 15th level in time for the final battle against Severin the Red and the Cult of the Dragon.

10th Flamerule (contd.)

As the armies of the Sword Coast and the Cult of the Dragon clash, the PCs sneak around the volcano to the southeast entrance. There, they see a familiar face – Leosin Erlanthar and his Harper skirmishers have cleared the way for our heroes by taking out the dragonwings and drakes guarding the entrance. The party creep up to the cave and enter the lava tubes.

After examining the tunnel floor for tracks to work out which path to take, the PCs find themselves inside the luxurious chambers of Rath Modar. As Rosie and Crake debate whether or not to open a large chest, there is a shout from behind. Talis the White, now the White Wyrmspeaker, has appeared along with Maelgot and Sorvic, her ex-pirate lackeys from the Merman’s Cock, and four dragonwings. 

Crake charges in to attack his childhood friend, but in return she banishes him to Avernus, the first layer of Hell, where the fiendish armies of Tiamat are assembling. Turin casts two fireballs in quick succession, disrupting Talis’ concentration and allowing Crake to return to the Material Plane. Rosie attacks her treacherous former shipmates with finger of death and agonizing blast, while Turin engages them in melee. Meanwhile Ug goes after Talis and Gwastdyn supports with healing magic. Crake joins Ug in attacking Talis and kills her, then Turin finishes off the wounded Sorvic. When Maelgot makes a run for it, the other PCs stand aside to allow Rosie to have her revenge.

With the fighting over, Rosie uses ghostly gaze to look inside Modar’s chest, and then mage hand to retrieve the Red Wizard’s spell books. With half the party injured, Turin casts catnap so he and Rosie can have a quick rest. While they are dozing, Naergoth Bladelord, the undead former master of the Well of Dragons appears with two ghost knight lieutenants. Fortunately Crake and Gwastdyn manage to explain away their presence with a convincing pack of lies and the death knight leaves them to it. 

Naergoth Bladelord by Bryan Syme
Naergoth Bladelord by Bryan Syme

Passing through the Red Wizards’ quarters, the PCs come up behind a group of dragonwings who are escorting around 30 hapless prisoners to the temple to be sacrificed. The adventurers defeat the cultists, but not without suffering some grievous wounds. Rosie traps the soul of a dying dragonwing in her soul cage

The PCs unlock the prisoners’ manacles but convince them they will be safest sticking with the party as they continue onwards. Ahead, a set of rough stone steps leads up to the temple, where the Wyrmspeakers and Red Wizards have begun the terrible ritual to summon Tiamat from the Nine Hells. Determined no one else should join the party, Rosie dimension doors to the north entrance and uses her immovable rod to barricade the doors.