November 19th, 2017

Tyranny of Dragons

Tyranny of Dragons, Session #26: Ice Caves of Oyaviggaton

Here’s what happened in last night’s game. Each PC gets 2,456 xp.

16th Nightal (contd.)

Turin, Crake and Ug continue to explore the caverns, joined by Gwastdyn. The dwarf druid cures the coughing disease of Mend-nets, the ice hunter lying beneath a heap of rugs in the entrance chamber.

Next the PCs enter the ice toads’ workplace – here, the bizarre creatures are carving writings into the walls and inscribing information onto parchments and stone tablets. Turin chats to Marfulb, their leader and seneschal of Oyaviggaton, but when she sends a toad to fetch the kobolds, Ug attacks. The ice toads fight back, surrounding the PCs and grabbing hold of them so they cannot escape their icy auras. Crake kills Marfulb, then Turin casts compulsion to send most of the toads to the far end of the chamber. Gwastdyn traps four of them behind a wall of fire, and the party finish off the others.

When Gwastdyn dismisses the wall, there is no sign of any ice toads. Turin heads further into the cave but he still can’t see them through the mist and snow. He mimes “elf lost in snow” to his companions and returns to the others. Everyone is badly wounded but Gwastdyn says “it doesn’t feel like time for a mass cure”. “Get your hit points out!” insists Turin, and the druid relents.

Heading back into the main corridor, the PCs run into a group of kobolds. The little humanoids turn to flee but their escape route is cut off by a pack of wolves summoned by Gwastdyn. One of the kobolds gets lucky with a sling shot, disrupting the dwarf’s concentration, and the wolves disappear. This gives the kobolds false hope as the PCs close in and cut them all down.

The party continue to explore the side rooms leading off the corridor. Crake sneaks into one large chamber and spots a frost giant. He returns to the others to report and Gwastdyn casts comprehend languages so he’ll be able to understand what the giant says in response to Turin’s mimes. They all enter the room, realising that the giant is frozen stiff when they get closer. There are several kobolds in here but they manage to slip out through the fog.

After defeating an ice troll they explore Arauthator’s trophy room. Gwastdyn has wild-shaped into a rhinoceros which is perhaps not the most agile of animal forms. He crashes into the longship in the centre of the room, disturbing the treasure in the chest on its deck. Turin casts fly, flies up to the ship and starts removing gold and jewels from the chest. Two more ice trolls appear but the PCs deal with them without too much trouble and plunder the treasure.

They take another short rest. Gwastdyn still has his comprehend languages spell running for a while so he returns to the ice toads workplace and studies their mysterious writings. The scrolls in here provide a comprehensive record of the Sea of Moving Ice and a chronicle of Old White Death’s exploits. The dwarf takes a few scrolls.

Maccath the Crimson

Passing through an empty chamber, the PCs climb a slope to Maccath the Crimson’s quarters, and kill the ice troll lurking just inside the entrance to the cavern. Ug leads the way into the tiefling’s makeshift tent which stands in the middle of the cave. After Ug tells the wizard they are here to kill Arauthator, she provides some useful information on the dragon’s lair, as well as a ring of cold resistance and two arrows of slaying. She also explains the origin of the Draakhorn – it is a signalling device for chromatic dragons, fashioned from the horn of Tiamat’s ancient red dragon consort, Ephelemon.

The PCs have a long rest to recover their strength before facing Old White Death.