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Annoying Leprechauns

This month is all about the Feywild for D&D. I picked up my copy of Heroes of the Feywild yesterday and this month's Dragon and Dungeon are featuring articles supporting the Faerie realm and also revisiting the Celtic-inspired lands of the Moonshaes.

There's also this great look at the fey in 1st edition D&D which talks about the fantastic adventure UK 1 Beyond the Crystal Cave which kb98 ran for me back in 1987 or so. This adventure featured some annoying leprechauns that recited a number of rhymes that provided the adventurers with cryptic clues, such as:

There's a fountain somewhere in this garden
Whose waters, we hear, sometimes harden
But a drink now and then
Cures all in our ken,
And may even bring forth cries of "Pardon"

I liked these leprechauns so much they reappeared in the Lands of Intrigue campaign I ran for Kate at the Pool of Glenmarsis (from the Complete Book of Eldrtich Might by montecook), and again at the Birch Queen's Fair in Wrath of the River King (by monkeyking). In both adventures, they continued to recite the same annoying rhymes over and over.

I'm looking forward to reading Heroes of the Feywild - I hope it contains some cool DM content as well as player options. If it doesn't I think we need a nice Feywild boxed set next year!


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