December 20th, 2012

Green Man drinking

Out now: So What's the Tavern Like Anyway II?

My latest book, So What's the Tavern Like Anyway? II, came out today and is available at

I've enjoyed all five of the books I've written this year for Raging Swan Press but this is my favourite kind of game design – writing about fantasy locations (in this case, inns & taverns) and describing the associated NPCs that a party of adventurers comes across during the course of a campaign. The book has 20 taverns described in it. Creighton asked me to write 10,000 words which meant some were shorter, half page entries, while others were longer and meant to fill a whole page. In the end, he has done a brilliant job of expanding the shorter entries so each establishment fills a page, making the book is 25 pages for just £2.49 ($3.99).

I am very pleased with how the book has turned out and it's already had a five star review on Now!