November 20th, 2012

Green Man

Most Encouraging #dndnext Article Yet

James Wyatt has posted a very interesting Wandering Monsters article here on demons & devils, my favourite D&D monsters. It looks like we're going to see a return of the yugoloths to Hades from hints in the article - something I will be writing about in my If I Ruled The Multiverse post - and there's a poll to vote if the succubus is a demon or a devil. There's no reference to demons being elementals either - they are fiends. Overall it looks like some of the weird 4e changes are being reversed, a good thing, as well as some of from 2e/3e - the glabrezu is being cut back down to size so he's shorter than a balor again. This is the first #dndnext article I've read where I'm in more or less full agreement. Good stuff!

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