April 29th, 2012

St George

The Ongoing Adventures of the Juma Gang, Session #37: Into the Trollhaunt

Here’s what happened in last night’s game, in which Gil developed not just one, but TWO strange accents. Each PC gets 600 xp, enough to reach 12th level.

22nd Quintilis

The PCs are summoned to see the mayor of Moonstair, the half-elf Kelan Dhoram, who asks them to deal with King Skalmad, offering 2,500 gp in payment. She also tells the party that Etheran Therund’s father, Perenon, would be likely to give a reward for the return of the family sword, Sunwrath.To ensure the town is ready for any trollish attack, Ulthar takes the Master Builder, Aelius, to the Old Troll Wall and gives a few pointers on where it should be repaired to make it more defensible. Hrothgar and Juma spend the day drilling the town guard under Captain Marius – this mostly involves getting them to run around the town walls and do press-ups, but there is some archery practice too.

Meanwhile, Sora goes back to the Cloudwatch Inn and befriends Bax, the dragonborn fighter and one surviving member of Etheran’s adventuring band. Bax is depressed and drinking heavily, but Sora’s friendly words of encouragement talk him round, and he agrees to accompany the PCs on their expedition into the Trollhaunt.

Gil doesn’t do so well when he goes to visit the eladrin emissary, Rualiss, at his island home. Asking Rualiss to perform a Sending ritual to convey a message to Paelias because Gil is “too busy” to do it himself gets him off on the wrong footing and he’s soon sent packing.

Before meeting back at the inn for dinner, the PCs visit the local alchemist and purchase 10 vials of alchemist’s fire and 10 vials of alchemist’s acid to help them deal with the trolls

23rd Quintilis

The party heads off into the gloomy bogs of the Trollhaunt. Hrothgar and Bax lead the way through the maze of meandering trails, sluggish streams and impenetrable thickets, using the gnoll’s map of unseen lands to guide them towards the ruins where Etheran’s party was ambushed. The going is pretty tough but they reach the uninhabited ancient ruins of Orrak by early afternoon.
Near the second ruined site of Bravak, the PCs run into a band of five trolls and an oni. The trolls are tough opponents and it takes a long time to bring them down, but Bax proves himself to be a capable fighter, and Gil’s fire magic and unerring aim with alchemist’s fire is very effective. Juma Ji’ad and Sora go into melee the oni, which uses lightning and cold magic against them, then turns invisible so it can double strike both of them in a single round! Hrothgar and Ulthar drop a couple of trolls, then the PCs all gang up on the last survivor and kill him.

At the ruins of Bravak, Hrothgar finds a few torn pages of parchment from the diary of one of Etheran’s group. There are signs, too, of a battle but no bodies. The PCs continue on into the hills to the southeast. As night falls, they can see three lights bobbing in the darkness ahead of them. Are they lanterns or will-o’-the-wisps?