March 6th, 2012


Black Horse Parsantium Campaign Session #84: The Blind Seer

Here's what happened in last night's game. Each PC gets 1,737 xp.

1st December, contd.

As the crowds disperse, Laurian the pixie introduces herself to Krivinn and offering her services. Back at the party's living quarters, Laurian organises food for the PCs from the kitchens, served by a hedgehog in a pinny and a pair of brownies.

The PCs go to bed. Krivinn is on watch when banderhobbs appear from under Khuma's bed and out of Ella's wardrobe, attacking the two adventurers while they sleep. Khuma is bloodied but manages to drive his attacker off. Meanwhile  Krivinn tries to help Ella but keeps missing but eventually the banderhobb retreats into the wardrobe. The party search round after the battle but can't find anything although it seems likely the monsters appeared through some kind of portal.

One week later, 8th December

After an extended rest, the PCs have a hearty breakfast. Ella calls on Lady Sorreminx, apologising for giving up her badge in favour of the Birch Queen's. Chastised, the ranger puts the Lady's grasshopper badge back on. Lady Sorreminx explains she is here to marry off Shimmer, the River King's daughter, to the Black Prince. The PCs learn about the forthcoming Swan Festival.

Laurian tells Khuma that Jurok the Spear Goblin is keen to duel against him in the Lower Halls duelling grounds. Khuma is up for the challenge but the goblin impales him with his first thrust. The shifter switches to his longspear and uses storm of blades to strike four times, winning the duel. Jurok is fawning in his praise of the shaman. He takes the PCs to the Goblin Court.

Here, Moggo the goblin "king" asks the PCs to go after the strange monster that is preying on his people in the tunnels beneath the palace. Jurok acts as guide as the party head into the tunnels. After a short while they run into three goblins with bloodshot eyes under the influence of the sinister cambium imbalancer lurking behind them in the room beyond. Khuma is dominated after being hit by poison goo, then Krivinn charges in. The goblin minions are struck first but they stab Krivinn and Khuma with their syringes to save themselves. The dragonborn is struck by the cambium's needle fingers and contracts the disease dyscrasia. Ella is also attacked and catches the disease but is able to finish off the cambium with her bow.

Moggo is very grateful for what the PCs have done – he advises them to try and impress the Flame-Cloaked Consort, the Silver-Chained Courtesan or another potential partner to gain enough status to get into the Queen's presence.

Later that day, Krivinn gets an invite to the Tower of the Lords of Light inside the Royal Halls. Inside the Tower, the PCs are questioned by Revich, the Blind Seer, who asks them to drive Akyishigal the Cockroach Demon from the Courts. When Krivinn agrees, the angel cures the paladin's and Brave Ella's disease before sending them on their way.