November 28th, 2010

St George

The Ongoing Adventures of the Juma Gang, Session 21: Guild Wars

Here’s what happened in this afternoon’s game. Each PC gets 790 xp - sorry it’s not quite enough to level up but you will definitely reach 8th at the end of the next session!

11th Iunius (contd.)

As the party stroll through the Makers Ward, debating what to do next, they come into a marketplace where two arcanists from the Esoteric Order of the Blue Lotus - a human fire mage and a vanara mantrika - are having a drunken argument over who is the best spellcaster. As they try to prove this to each other, their spells set fire to a woman’s washing and scald a donkey. Then, things really get out of hand when the human mage summons an angry fire elemental which knocks both wizards unconscious. The Juma Gang leap into action with Jihad at the front and dispatch the monster without much trouble. The vanara has fled the scene after being healed by Ulthar but the human fire mage, Fazil Al-Zarqa invites Gil to join the Esoteric Order. Annual fees are steep, though, so Gil resolves to find some unusual magic that will allow him to get in for free. Ulthar gives a stirring speech which gets everyone fired up, even Hrothgar who started to wander off to the weapon stalls in the middle of it.

Ulthar buys a +1 distance throwing axe at the stalls; Sora buys a +1 magic holy symbol.

The party return to the Khanduq of the Nightingale’s Song in search of answers. Hatim the Fat, blind owner of the Blue Monkey, is helpful and his squabs are jolly tasty but not much information is learned, although the PCs do find out Iancu Petronas lives on the Street of Tesserae. By chatting to the locals, they narrow the address down to about 50 apartments but still don’t know exactly where he lives. The party hang round for a while but Iancu doesn’t come home so they split up for the evening. Ulthar goes to see The Fey King of Darkwood again; Sora goes to listen to the sitar-players at the Blue Monkey, and the others go to the Winking Vixen where Jihad books two boys and a gnoll for Juma the following night, paying a 5 gp deposit. The PCs try to question Eusebia about Vadim and the Golden Scimitars but the madam gets very uncomfortable.

Later on, together again, the PCs head to Fahil’s Floating Palace. Here, Ulthar, Jihad and Hrothgar sign up for the following week’s swimming contest, and Jihad persuades Fahil to let him into the VIP part of the club to play high stakes Three Dragon Ante after they spot someone they saw in Orloch’s slave auction in this area. Hrothgar spies Francio, one of Iancu Petronas’ acting troupe, talking to a shadowy man in the corner (Vadim), before heading upstairs to buy pesh from a dealer. The gnoll follows the dealer, jumps him and takes both his stash and his profits. Hrothgar gives a vial of pesh to Jihad. After losing several hands, the genasi cheats without being spotted and wins back his money!

Later still, the PCs leave Fahil’s and wait skulking in a doorway in the Street of Tesserae for Iancu to come home. The actor arrives and the party are able to identify where his apartment is. Returning back to Fahil’s before it closes, the PCs chat to the host and win his trust - he is no fan of the Golden Scimitars and promises to send them a message when Vadim is next in. Vadim, it turns out, is an enforcer for Zeno Meverel who owns the Floating Palace. It was Zeno they saw earlier in the VIP area.

Just before bedtime, Hrothgar sells two more vials of pesh to Jihad who snorts one. The genasi then can’t get to sleep for hours and awakens unrefreshed the next morning.

12th Iunius

The PCs stake out Iancu’s apartment building and break into his flat once the actor goes off to have breakfast. Although the place is very untidy, the party find no evidence of an criminal activity - just the manuscript of a new play which Gil stops Juma from stealing.

Later on, the PCs arrive in the Builders Sabban as a Masons vs Potters street fight is about to start. The party spot a halfling rogue and a band of Golden Scimitars dressed as Masons (including a woman the party had fought and let go once before) in the alleys off the main drag. The PCs move in to attack the Golden Scimitars as the two mobs of guild members clash further down the street.
Hrothgar kills the female knife fighter and her male counterpart and Gil finishes off their leader, Yakub, with a flaming sphere. The lackeys are all killed too but the party are unable to stop the halfling getting away.

Juma and Ulthar then try to break up the mob of Masons but end up being pulled over and trampled underfoot. Hrothgar tries to intimidate the rabble into surrendering (“Leave my friends the Potters alone!”) and Gil blasts everyone with incendiary detonation. The eladrin’s spell does more damage to Ulthar who goes down to -3hp under the boots and pickaxe handles of the mob before Sora is able to scare the mob into submission. As the Masons run for it, the PCs spot Francio amongst them!