November 9th, 2010


Black Horse Parsantium Campaign Session #57: The Tests of Faith and Lore

Here’s what happened in Monday night’s game. Each PC gets 600 xp. We should finish this chapter of the adventure next session.

18th Quintilis (contd)

Brave Ella opens the puzzle door to the Test of Valour and Bolval translates the dwarven runes inscribed into the floor: “Second, the faithful of Korak do not bow to the smoke of temptation, but rather seek their goal with the same focused determination a smith uses to forge his metal for the glory of Korak.”

Krivinn decides to follow the path of the faithful and strides boldly through the room in a straight line, ignoring the side corridors and the pile of ash in the centre, and falls into a concealed pit. Bolval does exactly the same thing, falling into a second pit! Both pits have nasty looking spikes making it hard for the PCs to climb out so they decide to stay put for now and pray.

Khuma and Saethus investigate the pile of ash and determine there’s no disintegration trap in the area; they also notice that the side passages hold beautiful treasures sitting on pedestals. Meanwhile, Ella finds a pair of secret doors, leading to two more corridors. The ranger continues carefully through the room, looking for traps, followed by the other two. Then, an incendiary gas trap goes off, catching half the party in its blast. Scared that another explosion might follow, Krivinn and Bolval teleport out of their pits and the PCs open the third and final puzzle door to the Test of Lore.

The room beyond contains iron racks holding copper tablets telling the history of Mount Rygar and the Golden Citadel. As the PCs take a short rest, Jorunn Flintknapper and Paracelix Zhedan appear, claiming to have come to help but Bolval is on to them! As the two dwarves move to attack, Saethus opens fire with a lightning bolt, revealing Paracelix’s true diabolic nature. Jorunn attacks Bolval, striking him several times with her urgosh and bringing him to 8hp and Paracelix traps Ella, Saethus and Khuma in molten gold. The devil also steals Krivinn’s sword but the paladin isn’t phased and just draws his executioner’s axe. Saethus takes down Paracelix with magic missile but as Krivinn goes to get his sword, Jorunn hits him with a critical. The paladin strikes back but then the dwarf hits him again twice, knocking him unconscious. Fortunately, Khuma is on hand to heal the dragonborn and Jorunn falls to ongoing fire damage from Bolval’s flame strike.

After searching the room and studying some of the copper tablets, the PCs touch the carnelian eye carving and are transported inside the Eye of Grajava. Here, they talk to Rygar, the Voice of the Mountain, who explains that the dwarves were given the Teardrop of Grajava to cleanse the mountain of Mammon’s taint but instead hid it here for safekeeping. Ella does much of the talking and the PCs are able to convince Rygar that they will use the Teardrop to get rid of the Cult of Mammon. Khuma asks about his tribe’s missing Great Bear Totem and learns this is somewhere in Parsantium. Ella also asks Rygar if he knows about Heinsoo but he doesn’t; he advises her to speak with Caradlather.

Krivinn takes the Teardrop and puts it inside his bag of holding. After the PCs rest, they all touch the anvil carving on the wall which returns them to the Forge of the Fire Blessing. Here, two cultists of Mammon and nearly a dozen devils await....