November 6th, 2010


The Escapist Presents : Opening the Monster Vault

Looking forward to picking up my Monster Vault from Orc's Nest today! Shame they don't spend a bit more time on this video showing what monster counters are in the set. I'm assuming the book can't have as many monsters in it as the original MM.

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EDIT - I've got my copy and it's very cool! There aren't hundreds of monsters in the book but it's not just a Monster Manual rewrite either. Each entry has lots of extra fluff (noticeably absent from the original MM) and many of the monsters have several variants, some taken from later MMs and some, I think, are new. Also, the duergar and frost giant make an appearance from Monster Manual 2. The 10 sheets of counters are great and cover all the monsters in the book, although there are a few slightly dodgy assumptions - I don't think a bog hag counter will really work for a night hag for example.