August 31st, 2010


San Francisco, CA

Having a cool time in San Francisco so far, exploring Chinatown, riding the cable cars (mostly to avoid climbing some very steep hills) and getting around on buses. We've been to a Taoist temple (with dozens of prayers hung from lanterns in the ceiling), the SF Museum of Modern Art, a FLGS (Gamescape on Divisidero) where we bought some FUDGE dice so we can play the Dresden Files RPG, Nob Hill, Pacific Heights, and the amazing Amoeba Records in Haight-Ashbury where I resisted the temptation to buy Jefferson Airplane, man, and instead purchased two early OCMS albums not available back home. We finished our exhausting itinerary with a stroll through the peaceful Japanese tea gardens in Golden Gate Park.

Tomorrow, we go to Alcatraz where we will attempt a full reenactment of the Sean Connery/Nicholas Cage blockbuster The Rock.