August 22nd, 2010


Palace's new No.20

In a surreal turn of events, Dutch superstar footballer. Edgar Davids, has signed for Crystal Palace in a one year pay-per-play deal. Let's hope he can replicate the impact of Attilio Lombardo at Palace and not that of Tomas Brolin or Ray Wilkins!

He was paraded at half time at Selhurst yesterday. Obviously we then went on to have a man sent off and lose the match vs Ipswich 1-2.

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The Ongoing Adventure of the Juma Gang, 18th Session: The Cauldron of Illserves

Here's what happened in this afternoon's game. Each PC gets 965 xp, taking everyone to 7th level. We should definitely finish the adventure next session.

3rd Iunius (contd.)

After the battle with Cadavra and her zombies, the PCs take the nearest exit which leads to the witch’s living quarters. A plush carpet decorates the cavern and conceals a pit which Jihad falls down, landing on top of a swarm of crawling, skeletal hands which grab hold of him, pulling him over. The others try to help from up above but don’t do much damage. Fortunately, the swordmage is able to teleport himself out. The claws and hands can’t climb up the smooth walls of the pit so Gil blasts them repeatedly with thunderwave until they stop moving.

The PCs look through Cadavra’s books, finding her diary which reveals she is Lakaisha, the daughter of Lady Patricia (which they suspected), and that she had murdered her sister Dugesia. Once she was shipped off to the asylum in Rhodias, she was rescued by a necromancer called Agilis who trained her in the dark arts. She betrayed her master, killing him and stealing the Cauldron of Illserves - a powerful magic item which can create undead. Now Cadavra, she is out for revenge on the Dev’shirs. There are several blank pages in the book. Suspicious that these could be secret pages, the PCs study these carefully but can find no hidden writings. Her other books include a ritual book - something of a bonanza for Gil! The party also find a map of unseen lands in a strongbox under her bed which Hrothgar takes.

Next, the PCs head down the underground river with Hrothgar in the lead. None of the party notice the green slime on the ceiling  which falls on the gnoll’s head. There’s more up ahead - Gil burns it with a fire spell. Realizing that the passage enters a larger cavern ahead, the party return to the big chamber to discuss what to do next. Hrothgar and Sora have another look at Cadavra’s diary and find the hidden writings on the secret page - the witch has hidden her undead minions in the Cartways under the Imperial Quarter’s Grand Ward, poised to attack the Dev’shir estate through the wine cellar. Gil proposes returning to the city but the others insist on checking out the rest of the lair.

Back in the underground river, Jihad tries to leap past the green slime but a big blob of it falls on his head, inflicting a critical hit. Undeterred, the genasi enters the large cave up ahead. This is Cadavra’s “necrotory” - the Cauldron of Illserves stands in the centre, guarded by eight zombies, and the witch herself. As the party advance, Cadavra casts call of the grave to summon four vampire fleshrippers which attack Jihad. Bunched up together, the PCs are easy targets for the necromancer’s chilling transfer which takes down Ulthar - Hrothgar feeds him a healing potion to bring the warlord round. Jihad goes after Cadavra as her minions move across the water to attack the other PCs but he soon gets bloodied. Sora and Hrothgar go to help, followed by Ulthar once the zombie rotters and vampire spawn have been dealt with. Gil, of course, hangs back and casts magic missiles.

As the PCs start to surround Cadavra, she flees in shadowform, flying past Gil. The eladrin cleverly teleports behind her and pushes her back with thunderwave. When Juma and Hrothgar give chase, she switches direction and flees via the passage the PCs used to enter the room and gets away.

After a short rest, the PCs head up to the ground floor of the windmill - here, they are attacked by a large salt troll zombie which smashes Ulthar into the mill’s machinery for 43 hp damage when he tries to manoeuvre round the back. The undead creature is “killed” but rises again almost immediately and knocks Juma into the gears. Finally, Sora delivers the final blow to put it down for good.