August 3rd, 2010


Black Horse Parsantium Campaign Session #52: Roots of Madness

Here's what happened in last night's game. Each PC gets 480 xp. Congratulations to [info]lucybrant  for actually remembering a rule!

Best quote: "We're killing Rob faster than it's killing Rob!"

15th Quintilis (contd.)

Following the battle with the xorn and the fever-crazed dwarves, the PCs decide to rest. Bolval tends to Krivinn who has greed fever, while Ella ministers to Khuma. While Sharden is on watch, he hears a voice calling to him from the ventilation holes above the door to the south. The voice is that of Abelard the Fire Shepherd, the azer the party have been sent down here to find; he explains that he is trapped behind a complex mechanical door and that the gears needed to open it are missing. Will the PCs please help him get out? Sharden wakes up Ella who also asks Abelard some questions - the elf finds out that an elemental of stone and fire persuaded the fire elementals to abandon their posts after the dwarves caught greed fever, and that an old gearworker and his journeyman Carod had been asking suspicious questions about the ventshafts and how they connect to the Shank which powers the mines. Abelard sent them off in the wrong direction deliberately.

16th Quintilis

Krivinn and Khuma both recover from greed fever. Heading out of the entrance chamber, the PCs explore the Hearthforges, looking for the missing gears they need to open the door trapping Abelard in the pockets of brutally murdered dwarves. The party search the storeroom (full of food supplies!), furnace chamber, cistern cavern, maintenance forge, kitchen, dining hall, workshops and the infirmary, finding five gears and the key handle to open the door. In the cistern chamber, Ella dives bravely down into the two wells, finding the bloated corpse of a dead dwarf, weighed down with iron bars, but no gears. The mutilated bodies in the maintenance forge freak everyone out – Krivinn and Bolval spend a bit of time rearranging the dead dwarves so they are at peace.

As the PCs search the dormitories, Krivinn grabs an old cloak hanging on a peg - unfortunately, this turns out to be  a goldveined cloaker which immediately wraps itself around the dragonborn. The other PCs rush in to help, attacking the monster, but their attacks damage Krivinn as much as they do the cloaker. Krivinn escapes, only to become enveloped again and again. Sharden casts trumpet the star’s fall which complicates things by creating a zone of smoke. The dwarf invoker then charges in to rescue his comrade but ends up getting slapped by the cloaker’s tail and bloodied. Finally Krivinn gets out and stays out as the cloaker flees but Sharden’s grasping shards slows it down. Bolval finishes off the creature with lance of faith.

Having now found a sixth gear in the sleeping quarters upstairs, the PCs figure out the lock to the door holding Abelard prisoner and let the azer out. He thanks the party but tells them they need to hurry to the Ventshafts in case the would-be saboteurs have found their way there while he goes to round up the fire elementals.