June 20th, 2010

St George

The Ongoing Adventures of the Juma Gang, 16th Session: The Crimson Hand Defeated

Here's what happened in this afternoon's game – four encounters in one session must be some kind of record (even if one was only with a snake). I've added a (blurry) photo of Hrothgar's new mini below.

Each PC gets 890 xp.

2nd Iunius (contd)

The PCs interrogate their captive, the Crimson Hand bandit Kaz-Gar – he’s pretty cooperative but gets a bit freaked out when Juma takes his money then offers to play him at cards so he can win it back. If he loses, the genasi says, he’ll be killed or will lose a finger. Kaz-gar isn’t keen so Juma starts trying to chop off the bandit’s finger before the other PCs intervene. In the end, Juma tells him he’s now a member of the Juma Gang, gives him a gold piece and tells him to come to the PCs’ address in the Makers Ward with his gambling winnings. The confused bandit makes a run for it and the PCs head through the secret door ahead and further into the mine.

Hrothgar sneaks ahead towards the bandits’ mess hall where members of the Crimson Hand lie in wait – they’ve scattered caltrops on the ground and some have taken cover behind upturned tables. The gnoll leaps across the caltrops to attack the fighter Fenn while Gil throws a fireball into the others. After the first round, the door behind Hrothgar opens and a wererat (Lem) and another bandit (Aneurin) reinforce their comrades, meaning the barbarian is surrounded! Ulthar leaps on to a chair to attack the wererat while Juma finishes off the wizard Finn after teleporting into the room. Sora has also jumped over the caltrops to attack the bandits but is blinded when one throws ashes in her face. Gil fey steps into the middle of the room, casts fire shroud and then uses an action point to withdraw. This spell damages nearly all the enemies and its ongoing damage (plus that from his orbmaster’s incendiary detonation) finishes off the regular bandits. Juma inflicts two successive criticals with swordburst, then Ulthar kills Fenn with viper’s strike as the fighter tries to shift away. Lem bites Hrothgar, giving him filth fever, but then Juma manages to kill the wererat and Ulthar finishes off Aneurin when the rogue tries to escape. The PCs loot the bodies: Gil takes Finn’s +2 robe of eyes, Hrothgar takes Fenn’s +2 marauder’s hide armour and Juma scores Lem’s burglar gloves.

Next, the PCs loot a barracks room before running into the rest of the Crimson Hand gang in the chamber beyond. Gil repeats his fire shroud trick  and Juma and Hrothgar both get surrounded in the middle of the room as Sora and Ulthar battle Borsk the half-orc. The warlord hits Borsk with a critical, killing him, and soon only Haledon the bandit leader is left standing. The PCs are finding it hard to get through the fighter’s defenses but eventually a critical strike bloodies the bandit chief and he offers to parlay with the party. Haledon tells the PCs where they can find Cadavra the witch – in an abandoned windmill to the southwest – and offers them a treasure map if they leave the mine. The party, however, insist on looting Latimer’s chamber where Sora up-ends a laundry basket and gets attacked by the deathrattle viper hiding inside! After the serpent is killed, the PCs loot the room but by the time they’ve done this, Haledon is nowhere to be seen.

Heading up the corridor, the PCs investigate the cleric’s chamber where they find an altar to Tinel and a secret door. Deciding to leave this for the moment, they go into Haledon’s room – the bandit chief isn’t there but he has left a treasure map leading to the lost mines of the Karak Lode in the desert on his bed. Returning to the cleric’s chamber, the PCs head through the secret door and into the temple of Kali belong where they face two wights – the former cleric and a female deathlock wight who pull offs her own head to terrify the party. The deathlock wight is killed first but returns to unlife and has to be killed again. Once she’s been dealt with the PCs surround the cleric and finish him off. After searching the chamber, the PCs take a well-earned extended rest, and Sora (with Ulthar’s help) cures Hrothgar of his filth fever.