June 16th, 2010


Black Horse Parsantium Campaign Session #46 Up, Up and Away

Here's what happened in Monday night's game. Each PC gets 350 xp.

7th Quintilis (contd)
The PCs take the battered gearforged to the Splintrock Company’s compound in the Gear District where an airship is being loaded by its dwarven crew. Here, they meet Captain Clovis Stonethrower and learn that the hapless construct is called Rabscuttle and he is very old. The party ask about passage to the Golden Citadel but Clovis offers them employment on the Manticore as guards instead, promising them 5% profits (about 4,000 gp). Krivinn is concerned about profiteering but the others sign up straight away, with Sharden first in the queue. Bolval shows Clovis the picture of Heinsoo and Khuma asks about a tiefling accompanied by two dwarves – both went to the Citadel on the Drake! Agreeing to return in the morning to help with the loading, the PCs go to the Bull’s Horns Inn to get a good night’s sleep.

8th Quintilis
Ella and Krivinn take the stolen satchel to Lord Slygass – the grateful merchant gives them 100 pp reward. The others shop for potions; Saethus buys the disenchant magic item ritual.

In the afternoon, the Manticore sets off for the Ironcrags; Clovis assigns the PCs to their watches and introduces them to the rest of the crew.

9th Quintilis
Rabscuttle tries to get the PCs to throw their gold overboard, ranting that the ship is too weighed down. Later, Bolval helps him clean himself up after the construct has tried to eat. When he does so, he notices the markings that cover the gearforged but is unable to figure out what they mean. Meanwhile, Saethus uses his new ritual to disenchant the copper coins of the miser found on the cultists. In the evening, the PCs meet the owner of Splitrock, Vianna Geldenhoff – Sharden gives her a wink and gets a reaction!

10th Quintilis

While Khuma and Saethus are on watch in the afternoon, the Manticore comes under attack from three fledgling rocs. The PCs gang up on one roc near the sterncastle while one attacks Boso Hammerfall (ship’s cook & evening mate) and a third attacks Khuma who is on the forecastle. The shifter is grabbed and the roc attacking him keeps ripping at his flesh, bloodying the shaman and causing him to take on a bestial longtooth countenance. Krivinn is knocked down the stairs by the first roc but then the party’s focused fire drives the bird away, and Sharden finishes off the second with ongoing damage from purging flame. The third roc grabs the unconscious Boso and flies off with him. Ella’s arrow causes the bird to drop the dwarf 50’ but Khuma is able to send a healing spirit down to the ground to save the cook’s life.

Later, the Drake is spotted. The PCs go on board along with their new best friend Boso – Bolval crawls on all fours to get across to the other airship to much hilarity from the crew. Ella and Saethus swing across on ropes; the wizard is badly affected by motion sickness as he steps on to the vessel.

The PCs explore the Drake, finding dead bodies everywhere – some have been stabbed, some have been poisoned and others were obviously suffering from a hideous disease. In the crew quarters, they find two dead dwarves who apparently died fighting each other – one has gold nuggets stuffed in his mouth. More gold ore is under the floorboards along with a +2 righteous warhammer which Bolval claims.  In the steerage deck, the PCs find the headless and mutilated body of a dwarf but before they get a chance to investigate a chimera charges towards the party!

Writer's Block: Like a rolling stone

Which musicians of the last two decades have had the most lasting impact on music as we know it today?

Not an easy one to answer, but my list would be: Damon Albarn (for Blur & Gorillaz), Oasis, Nirvana, Primal Scream, REM, Eminem, Radiohead, White Stripes, Massive Attack, The KLF, Public Enemy, Green Day and Lady Gaga.