June 2nd, 2010


Old skool!

Just got hold of the new Monster Manual 3 and it looks fab on a first flick through!

As well as cover girl Lolth (also pictured below) and her exarch Eclavdra, we get updated versions of dozens of classic monsters, some dating back to the original Monster Manual and Fiend Folio. These include the babau demon, catoblepas, cave fisher, cloaker, derro, elementals, ghast, Imix and Ogremoch (Evil Elemental Princes), intellect devourer, jackalwere, meazel, meenlock, mimic, molydeus demon, nalfeshnee (aka Type IV) demon, norker, quasit, rot grub, scarecrow, skulk, spawn of Kyuss, su-monster. thri-kreen, ultrod(a)emon, umber hulk, ustilagor, verbeeg, xivort (aka svart/xvart) and yeti.

From 3.x, we also get the nasty klurichir demon (doesn't sever heads any more though - shame!), the corruption devil (aka paelyrion, complete with lipstick), the howler, nerra and a few others. There are plenty of new critters too and lots of variants of existing monsters such as gnolls, ghouls, yuan-ti and drow. Oh, and z45tu7 will be excited at the double page of apes (and probably the girallons too).

Looking forward to unleashing some of these on my unsuspecting players....