June 1st, 2010


Crystal Palace face threat of liquidation

It really isn't looking good - I'm not sure if the administrator is trying to force through a deal today by setting a 3pm deadline but we need the Bank of Scotland to sort things out ASAP with the CPFC 2010 consortium or he starts a fire sale of the playing squad.

BBC Sport - Football - Crystal Palace face threat of liquidation

Fingers crossed - I would really miss going to Selhurst Park on Saturdays. True, it's not always a fantastic experience but the good times more than make up for the bad ones!
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Writer's Block: Light reading

Some books are inspirational. Others are intellectually stimulating or emotionally comforting. Then there are those juicy, mindless reads that are only good for a plane ride or the beach. Which books or authors fall under this last category?

Lee Child's Jack Reacher novels are my favourites in this category. Some are better than others and they're very formulaic but they're all page turners.