May 25th, 2010

parsantium crest

Black Horse Parsantium Campaign Session #44: Battle in the Great Stross Clock

Here's what happened in last night's game - the battle inside the clock looked more straightforward on paper than it turned out to be at the table and the balance DCs to move around were just too hard for the party. I'll keep it simple next session....

Each PC gets 500 xp.

The PCs arrive in Zobeck in the morning, entering the Free City via the North Gate and heading across the Puffing Bridge to the Healing Hall of Morwyn. Here, they pay Holy Mother Lucca Angeli 1,000 gp to raise Saethus and Wergrim from the dead. Bolval buys the raise dead ritual from the temple while the others shop for potions.

Wergrim, alive again and reunited with his brother, insists on beers at the Seven Bells before the PCs start looking for airships so the party goes to Crown Square where they witness the start of a minor riot by a gang of drunk kobolds. It’s “All Kobold’s Eve” and the little humanoids are getting wound up by the puppet parade that occurs each time the Great Stross Clock strikes the hour. As Krivinn tries to get the attention of the watchmen in the square and find out what’s going on, Ella sees a kobold steal a rich-looking merchant’s satchel. The thief teleports to the ledge above the clock face and then disappears into the “mine entrance” used by the puppets. The merchant offers 100 pp to the party if they can get the satchel back and so the PCs start scampering up the tower after the kobold.

Mal’uk gets to the top first, closely followed by Ella with Sharden bringing up the rear after the dwarf runs round the back of the tower to see if there is another way in. After negotiating their way down through a hole in a large gear to the level below, Mal’uk and Krivinn get into combat with three gearforged guardians of the clock who are standing on gears in opposite directions. The dragonborn hits one gearforged, knocks him prone, and then bull rushes him off the edge to the floor below as Mal’uk attacks the captain. The two remaining gearforged are having problems hitting the two defenders and the PCs are able to take them down without taking much damage: Saethus finishes off the captain with magic missile and Sharden takes care of the other one with avenging light when he belatedly arrives on the scene.

Meanwhile, bold Mal’uk swings down to the third level on a rope attached to the rotating screw above him with his grappling hook. He swings straight into trouble though, landing on a slippery giant cylinder, where he is attacked by four gearforged – two resounders (wizards), an anvilpriest, and the gearforged knocked down earlier here by Krivinn. After being knocked prone, Mal’uk uses swiftcurrent to get to the other end of the cylinder where he leaps off, landing on his feet on the ground level, and throws his sword at the fleeing kobold who disappears through a secret door.

The others are struggling to stay standing on the cylinder and are being hit by both the gearforged and swinging counterweights. Following Mal’uk’s example, Krivinn leaps down to the ground floor, with Ella and Bolval coming soon after; Saethus, more dignified, levitates down. This leaves only Sharden on the floor above – the invoker is hit by thunder orbs from both resounders and then shoved off the edge of the cylinder. He lands at the feet of his companions, bloodied.

Mal’uk finds the secret door the kobold ran through and charges after him into the very narrow tunnels behind the walls of city buildings. The others follow but despite spotting the fleeing thief a couple of times, the kobold manages to lose the PCs and they are forced to head back to Crown Square empty-handed and disappointed.