May 18th, 2010

parsantium crest

Black Horse Parsantium Campaign Session #43: Howls from Beyond

Here's what happened in last night's game - I was getting worried that a TPK was on the cards (twice!). This was a particularly nasty encounter, supposedly 11th level, adapted from H3 Pyramid of Shadows. Each PC gets 600 xp, including the deceased Saethus who you should hopefully be able to have raised in Zobeck.

The battle continues. The alien influences present teleport Krivinn to the entrance of the chamber, stunning him. Meanwhile, the rest of the party suffer from the attacks of the abomination and the deadly vortex. To make things more confusing, the warps and twists in reality present move the monster and the PCs around the room, sometimes into the vortex and sometimes away from danger.  Saethus goes unconscious, gets better (after rolling 20 on his death save) and then is knocked down again, failing one death save. Bolval and Mal’uk also go unconscious - Ella manages to revive Bolval (twice!) while Sharden’s onyx dog, Wanderer, drags Mal’uk out of the vortex, allowing the dwarf to feed the genasi a potion of healing. Although Sharden’s written in fire and offering of justice have done some damage to the monster, the PCs are on the ropes and are forced to retreat from the chamber to avoid a TPK.

After a short rest, the PCs return to the cavern on a second foray. Before they head back in, Mal’uk conjures two unseen servants and Sharden creates a Tenser’s floating disk, the thinking being that these rituals may help get the unconscious Wergrim out of the room.   The PCs charge in again but this time, they try to take out the menhirs powering the vortex. Saethus’ lightning bolt and Mal’uk and Ella’s attacks are ineffectual,  but Bolval shoves the menhir and damages it. Sharden is pushed into the vortex by the abomination and crawls on to his floating disk  to get out but soon falls unconscious. Bolval hits the menhir for a third time and knocks it over destroying the vortex. However, by this time Mal’uk and Saethus are both dying as the abomination stuns the others with vortex of madness; luckily, it then misses Bolval with several attacks in succession. Ella goes unconscious too after being hit with a prismatic surge of cold, fire and lightning. She’s revived by the cleric but then it’s Bolval’s turn to go down after he’s hit by a critical. Tragically, Saethus fails his third death save and dies as the monster chews the head off Bolval’s brother Wergrim. Ella is able to heal both Mal’uk and Bolval by triggering their second winds. Those PCs still standing decide to retreat again, grabbing Saethus’ body and commanding the unseen servants to push the floating disk with Sharden on it out of harm’s way. The party makes it to the safety of the room beyond.

The PCs take an extended rest during which Bolval casts gentle repose on Saethus’s body to preserve it. Then, they go back into the room to confront the abomination for the final time. This third battle is much quicker and Brave Ella is able to take down the creature with a critical hit after its been softened up by ongoing fire and lightning damage from Sharden and Mal’uk. Bolval gathers up what’s left of his brother’s body so that he can hopefully be raised along with Saethus when the PCs arrive in Zobeck.